Investor Rewards Update

Yes, received mine before Christmas…

p.s I have had my so called swag bag and dislike it - why on earth did they make everything black and are the ladies really expected to wear those awful socks? Not only do I dislike it but so does everyone that I have offered the various things to.

They are free goodies. If everyone hates them so much, just donate to a charity. I’m pretty sure a homeless will not mind the colour of the socks! :+1:


If you haven’t received your package yet, please do write support so we can send a new one!

@Maq, @Cheryl

You’ll get a metal card :wink:

You’ll get new card details :slight_smile:

I like the socks :smiley: Think @sgabello had a good suggestion if you’re not fond of them.

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Hi - your suggestion to pass the swag to a homeless person is a great idea. :+1:

However, I cannot agree that these are free goodies. Free goodies are things that you get without spending/investing any money. To get these items, one has to invest at least £500 and that stops them from being freebies. :slightly_frowning_face:

I really hope your decision to invest £500 in Curve wasn’t driven by the offering of some merchandise in return. And if it was… well… good luck with that! :man_shrugging: :wink:



People forget that when you buy stocks and shares normally you just get an Asset (sometimes a good dividend) nothing more.

Card and these other bits are just a nice little feature…


:nerd_face: patience

one day u get :partying_face: :sunglasses: :+1:

I’m from Czech republic and I also haven’t received the package yet. Fingers crossed for next week! :crossed_fingers:

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Any updates on card delivery, I’m in the UK and still haven’t received mine?

I’m in France and also haven’t received anything.

@Curve_Marie, can you confirm that packages are being sent out to EU as well, or is it just limited to the UK for the time being?

The card has not being sent out yet

I am a curve card user and also invested £1000. I know that the metal card is due to be delivered in March. I have completed the questionnaire.

I was wondering about the other items that were part of the “swag”.

Are these also being delivered in March? Or have they already been delivered? If so mine have never arrived.

The other “swag” already has been delivered.

Thanks @Curve_Marie I haven’t received it and I’ve sent an email to support. I’ll wait for their reply.

Any updates for the red (platic) investor card? @Curve_Marie


I’d also like to know when the red plastic curve card will be arriving. Less than impressed with this attitude towards investors


I’ve sent an email about not receiving the swag 2 months ago, and so far all I’ve received is an email almost 2 weeks ago saying sorry for the delayed response and that they’re looking into it. How long should I wait before I chase it up again?

Also missed out on paying my tax bills with my cashback credit card, when we should have received our metal card and its incentives by now (eg no charge for using credit card to pay HMRC).

I agree with above, as investors it is kind of off-putting we are being ignored/left in the dark like this.

Yeah, I’m getting mighty pissed off at this utter trainwreck.
It’s only a card, but the whole thing is indicative of how quick Curve were to take our money; now that they have it, they appear not to give a toss to fulfil their part of the bargain.
On this basis, I won’t be recommending curve to others. How can I, when they clearly don’t do what they say they will?

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I have found them quite quick to respond on my queries (48 hours or less).

However, I agree comms can be improved.

I also want to know when in March the metal investor card is due! It must have been at least 6/8 weeks since the plastic announcement.

That was on Dec 19th, 8 weeks complete next week Wednesday for plastic investor cads.

I lost track but I believe metal investors are not longer getting the red plastic card either while waiting for metal investor card.