Investor Cards

I know. :slight_smile: It was just a reminder to anyone unhappy about not getting a metal card because they do not live in the UK to count their blessings.

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All honors to Card dept and Marketing for really nice (and of sure sexy) card design.

If i have something clear it’s that my design would be a red one.

G’day all,

Does the Limited Edition Investor Card have to be “red”?

ie - Can I get a Black Investor Card (plastic)? … pretty please :slight_smile:



The investor cards and rewards are a bit of a mess, and I doubt it’ll ever be corrected :frowning:

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Hey I wondering if I invested in curve and got the red plastic card, can I upgrade to the metal investor card by paying the metal tier fee?

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No, you cannot unless you invested £1k+

The founding are closed

Could we please get an update on the dispatch of the investor packages? I seen some packaging going on on Instagram so I’m hoping there’s an update to be heard! :blush:

Here is some info.

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Thanks @binv

We officially getting a Curve Christmas present :upside_down_face:

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Technically £1000 exactly or more (Just for clarity doesn’t need to be £1001 - More then £1000)

Please keep in mind that we won’t be able to ship the cards before xmas :grimacing:

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So investor cards will be shipped in the new year. Does this include metal investor cards for non UK users in Europe?

Is this effecting only Non-UK, as shipping is usually 3/5 working days right?


We are waiting for investor cards!

It’s affecting everyone. Don’t have the timeline yet for all the cards, but will write an update when I have the info :slight_smile:

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Ok. Thanks for the info.

Find latest update here: Investor Rewards Update