Investor Cards

I just got an email with a survey about potential investor card designs. I voted on the least bad of the designs, but all the options were so much worse than the current designs.

My Curve card is easily the best looking card in my wallet. It’s simple, understated and elegant, and even the blue card looks very premium. Honestly, the card design is one of the best things about Curve. The investor designs look like they were designed by a 12-year-old for a school project…

Will the investor cards be optional if you invest? ie. Could you choose to stick with the current design?


The plastic options perhaps need some tweaking but very happy with the metal cards and would be interested in any of those options.

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Yeah, the metal options are better. I would still much prefer to have the current metal design, but at least the metal ones don’t hurt my eyes

I was thinking the same. If i invested would i still be able to keep my current card? (assuming the amount i invest only qualifies for plastic).

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The only plastic one I half like is the first one, the others are ugly as heck to me. I prefer my current blue card.


I am totally with the metal cards, with just the simple design also elegant not something that is bold which hurts your eyes

The metal ones look brilliant, especially option 3.


I fully agree, curve have failed at these designs! The investor cards should be a cut above the standard cards, I have curve metal (red) and I would not “upgrade” to any of these metal investor cards.


Black and Grey metal looks fine. All plastic designs should be changed as they do not show elegance which all existing curve cards portray.


Same here, others look like cards for kids.

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I like those red ones. :+1:
p.s. Don’t know why most traditional banks have super boring/plain card designs.

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Cheaper to produce I guess.

If you have cool card, you most likely would want to show it to your friends, social media etc. So more ppl will know about service. Seems like traditional banks sux / don’t care / live under rock :zipper_mouth_face:

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I guess it’s also to stop stupid people posting pictures of their amazing cards without hiding the numbers, there are a number of online stories of people doing it and answering when people ask for the numbers on the back :thinking:

Only Metal 1. What is the ticket price ?
Would it be possible to remove Curve name and have a bigger logo ?

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Hey guys!

I’ve removed the images for the time being, since the email did say please don’t share on social media.

Until we get confirmation that we can share them, they will continue to be removed.

If you’d like to see the images, sign up to invest :slight_smile:


Would love a metal card, but am a Black cardholder.

Not keen on the red design, love the existing cards. Just a simple ‘Investor’ label would be good for me.


This isn’t really social media (Facebook, Instagram etc) but a community forum for Curve community.

By the way, users can still click “View ignored content.” to see the images.

A forum is an online community, and is categorised as social media. The email specifically asks us not to post them, if people can’t be trusted with something like this then we’ll NEVER see previews of upcoming things.