Introducing A New Generation Of Payment Cards

Living in the UK and London we’re often told that the UK is at the forefront of financial services. It’s kinda weird to accept because it’s all become so normal for us, but when you hear things like this it’s really quite a shock to see that some countries haven’t adopted even the most basic of things that we have been taking for granted for years :thinking:

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Yeah I agree. Chip & Pin is still not across the US, I find it so weird when they take my Curve card and use the magnetic stripe

Reminder that in the US some businesses still use the embossing of the card’s number and name to request a payment manually.

I have a new “no card number” investor card. Last week I tried to make a purchase. I opened curve to get my card number and this is the screen I got. WiFi and cellular both attempted and still unable to get my card number.

If this system is not 99% perfected, then these cards should not have been issued.

It wasn’t an urgent purchase so I just waited a couple of hours, however if it had been an important booking then I would have been very upset.

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I had this issue, are you running an iOS beta software?

I wasn’t. But I was on Curve IOS beta. The first thing I did was ‘downgrade’ and same issue.

Yeah, I’ve had the same issue, seemed to fix itself though!

I may have had this… don’t quite remember. I think it’s becasse the card wasn’t ‘fully activated’ - yet. - I had to do a good old fashioned, Chip+PIN transaction.
Which is usually required to activate the Contactless feature on most cards anyway (I know my new Nationwide debit card was basicially useless untill I did a Chip+PIN transaction) [couldn’t add it to ApplePay either] untill AFTER a cleared Chip+PIN transaction.

All cards do chip and pin first to activate contactless

This issue had nothing to do with activation and was in regular use beforehand. It’s a nasty bug that’s needs looking at when the Wirecard stuff settles.

Hey @A1, would you mind getting in touch with our support team at so they can get more info about this? It can then be looked into or raised with our engineers.

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