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In my opinion Curve has a bit of a problem with the way it delivers messages to its users via the app. A lot of important information, such as maintenance breaks or details on declined transactions are usually delivered as notifications, which are ephemeral by their nature, while they should be easily accessible every time user needs them. What I suggest is creating some sort of an inbox for these messages directly in the app. It could be accessible as a small icon in the corner, which clicked on, would open a simple list of messages.

The messages in the app could include for instance:

  • information on maintenance breaks,
  • details on declined transactions (why was it declined?),
  • requests from the Curve team and replies to support tickets,
  • updates in the service itself and its T&C.

Currently, the way Curve team communicates with users is really unclear. A lot of news are only sent by e-mail, other times it’s only an in-app notification. Support is offered by e-mail too, except there’s also a live chat now (I haven’t used it yet though). On the top of that, there’s this forum most Curve cardholders probably don’t even know about. One simple place to send and receive information from the team (and some more advanced app-generated info as well) would absolutely change this perspective and make Curve a more trustworthy product. I know that by describing what I mean some parts of it might have been omitted, so I’ve drawn the way it could look.

Ad. 1: a simple icon would make the feature easily found. If there are any unread messages, it could be indicated by a number on the envelope icon.

Ad. 2: inbox consists of the list of messages received from Curve. The icons could indicate the type of message; if it’s app-generated or written by a human, what type of information it contains. User wouldn’t be deleting any messages, they would disappear when they are no longer needed (there would be a pre-set expiry date, 30 days after delivery or in some cases more).

Ad. 3: the message view could be made with a simple WebView. That provides flexibility to send new types of content without changing the source code of the app itself.



Agree this loss of information once you swipe away a notification is a big issue - hopefully this sort of concept can be considered…




You are very right with your comment, something we definitely want to do as soon as possible! (however, we can’t give you a timeframe for it). Apart from what you are suggesting, we were thinking of integrating the messages and notifications in the timeline with transactions, so that they become completely contextual with your use of Curve. If we were to create a more comprehensive timeline, what would you want to have access to there?

Keep the great ideas coming :muscle:

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Thanks, Diego. Would definitely want to see refunds in there too - by all means update the original transaction too, but something in the timeline at the time of refund being issued would be much appreciated too!

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I agree about notifications, they should be permanently visible in a log or audit trail even after deleting from a display inside the app. Swiping a notification should merely remove the unread flag, not delete the notice. On my android i cant read the full notification, same issue with barclays o think, but theirs stay available and have audit trail.
Tickets need more prominence on the menu as a text line, easy to miss the little icon…
Refunds, definitely need improvement, ideally able to mark a transaction as needing refund and then being able to see once part or full refund is credited.
Filtering or sorting by refund would be good, showing transactions with refunds paired, and no refund yet.
There is much that could make the app much more interactive in managing finances, a core tool in our busy lives, please listen!!!

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