Impact due to Brexit


Hi Guys, how will Brexit impact Curve card service in the EU. I already got letters from Amex and also Barclay Card that they are moving their parent head quartes to a new place inside of Europe out of UK. How about Curve?


They’ll be back, mark my words!


What I can share now is that we are prepared for all eventualities of the Brexit negotiation :slight_smile:


Glad to hear it, just wish the UK was similarly prepared!!


That’s strange, working in the Barclaycard HQ I didn’t realise our entire building was moving :joy:. It’s just some specific jobs for EU trading.


Okay, since all signs point toward a no-deal Brexit now, i hope you guys really are prepared. I’ll better go get my real cards as a backup option, at least for the first few days.


Here’s hoping they see sense and cancel this whole farce!