I hate hate hate hate the CMF of Blue

I have been a Curve member/user since the beginning of Curve. I was a Beta tester etc, and happy/proud to use the service.

I recently had to get my physical card replaced. To my horror, the replacement arrived and looks horrid. So cheap and nasty compared to what I had before.

I have issue with:

  • The perceived quality of the card. It feels thinner that my previous one.
  • I hate the fact that the numbers, etc, are printed on the back.

Overall, I feel the card looks and feels cheaper than the one it replaces.


I absolutely love that name & numbers are printed on back. I feel it fives more privacy this way when paying in shops!

Never had black card but for me blue one looks/feels OK.


I think the fact the are no numbers is very cool, Very minimalist. But diversity is always beautiful and I like there are different opinions like yours.
Just so you know, I am 99 % sure that if you contact support they can order a card for you with the numbers and name printed on the front.
Nevertheless I am afraid that the blue color won’t change unless you upgrade to the Black tier…

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Dont think its possible to get the card number on the front again.
Btw, I just had another rental car company who didnt accept my curve card not because its a debit but because the card number is “printed” on the card and not “embossed”
Its even in their t&c
Back in the day a “printed” card number meant its a prepaid card and that was 1 easy way to tell its prepaid and none of the rental companies accept prepaid cards.
So thats why rental car companies always required embossed card numbers.


I contacted support. They informed me I could not get an embossed card… Unless I upgraded.

Nope. I cannot get an embossed blue card.

Ooohhh… sorry to hear man… :disappointed:

How is that? Also the Black and Metal Card are unembossed (nowadays).


They require embossed cards so they can swipe them in their zip-zap (aka manual credit card impression) machines.

That’s a matter of personal opinion, of course. However your picture of your old card does demonstrate the disadvantage of having numbers on the front!

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I haven’t seen one of those card impression machines for years. Thought the end of embossed cards was well overdue.

In terms of the numbers being on the back…I personally think this looks quite premium and have had quite a few people asking to see my card and saying how well-designed they think it is.

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Just had a new replacement black card today. It is thinner than my previous card.

What do they mean unless you upgraded?
Upgraded to what exactly, did they say anything?

Personally I’d always use a credit card for car rental as using a debit card, or even a curve card linked to a credit card, will mean the full payment of deposit will come out straight away, whereas with using an credit card its normally just done as a pending transaction. also have section 75 protection as well.

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