How Many People Only Carry Curve

Still carry AMEX + Curve + backup cash back credit card (in case curve fails and AMEX not accepted) + 2 debit cards (occasionally need to deposit cash into the bank using self-service machines).

I have 4 different credit cards and 8 current accounts (5 high street + 3 app based), but I never carry all of the cards at any one time as each account has a different purpose. Curve does give me access to the less used accounts without having to carry those cards.

Me, but I use Gpay as a backup.

Until merchants upgrade their card machines to reasonably modern ones, I get to carry my physical AMEX card, because yes, there are still many merchants that have ancient machines that do accept AMEX but don’t accept contactless AMEX or Apple Pay Amex, for any other transaction (AMEX not accepted at all) I use Curve - so I carry 2 cards with me.

GBIT might of fixed your problem.

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No clue what you mean by GBIT and it is all cool. I carry a backup and am sorted.

GBIT is ‘Go Back In Time’ - as @patrice58 says this can be handy in exactly this sort of situation where you don’t have reception to change the card in advance, this lets you do it afterwards.


Its on the frontpage

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OK thanks.
Yes that would explain why a late charge from a plane ended up on a card I didn’t want it to appear on.

Fact remains… I need my debit cards to pay cash into my bank so for the forseeable, I will still have to carry those around with me and I agree with some others - Amex would be really handy to have on Curve… hope they come back to the table.

At the end of the day folks… I do what works for me… but hey you guys do you.

Wasn’t disagreeing, just highlighting a potential option that could be handy for you in the future if you don’t have reception :slight_smile: I carry quite a few cards with me.

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No that would be because the underlying card was switched (by yourself either by accident or deliberately) before authorisation had taken place, which again you could of used GBIT to fix.

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GBiT indeed would have fixed this but seems like @RFS has not used this feature before. In any case seems like majority carry more than The One card.

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