How many cards?

They have a card that gives 0.5% and want to charge for that?:joy:

If life was only about cashback on debit/credit cards I would want to live in Portugal (or the US). :wink:

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My MasterCard for foreign travel, the one I use all the time in the UK, my debit card I use for eating out, and my main account debit card for emergencies. So just 4 which makes things easy to manage.

In reality I switch between just two in the UK, the debit card for eating out and the UK MasterCard for bigger purchases.
Abroad I stick to the card I use as my foreign travel MasterCard only.

How I can get card from South Africa too? :slight_smile:

How I can get one of those? Bulgaria here.

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О Флади виж къде се намираме :slight_smile:

Right now 6 cards (+ curve cash) :wink:

11 cards

  • uk
  • italy
  • us
  • ukraine (usd and eur)
  • hk
    plus curve cash

didn’t add cards with unsupported currencies, to avoid double conversion.
@Curve_Marie if you had a feature to disable the default GBP conversion for non supported currencies, you would have more transactions, as users would add all of their cards (I reckon that this feature request had already been raised).

Orange Money Visa Platinum requirements are:

  • to be an Orange client (mobile subscription or prepay)
  • to be over 18 years old
  • probably Romanian citizenship but I don’t know for sure
  • no income requirements

Annual fee: approximately 100E paid monthly (40RON per month)


  • Good world travel insurance for you and your family members
    – Under 65 years old, for maximum 60 days trips and with at least one payment with the card in 3 months
  • Free unlimited lounge access with one guest in Romanian airport lounges: Bucharest, Timisoara and Cluj as a Visa Platinum cardholder issued in Romania
  • LoungeKey access with 3 free visits for the cardholder (24E per guest), 28E after consuming the 3 annual free visits
  • Concierge service
  • WorldClass gym discount for the annual prepaid subscription: 682E from 733E
  • 10% cashback for Orange mobile subscriptions
  • Access to national and international privileges as Visa Premium cardholder such as 20% off for online shopping at Best Value (online dutty free shopping at specific categories such as perfumes)

The only downside is the 1% foreign currency conversion fee, but keeping the card under Curve solves that issue. In my view, for the residents of Romania, this is the best travel card without an income requirement. You get a lot of value back from the travel insurance and lounge access with the only 100E paid annually. Besides that, some offers are very nice and allow you to fully maximize the benefits.

would be nice to be able to group them

say create a folder just for UK cards, a folder for US cards etc

I know majority will only have a handful, but would be a good for those with a lot

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