How does Limits work?

Thanks for the heads up, I have sent an email to support as I am getting no response through the chat in the app.

Although the chat in the app does just send an email (it’s not live chat) - you should have received email confirmation from them of your request?

I contacted them through the app.

Emailed limit increase request to and it was actioned and confirmed in 14 minutes. Well done Curve! Good to see service level returning to normal.


I am very happy to hear that we were able to sort this out for you so quickly! We weathered a very rocky period after the new year here at Curve HQ but we are getting back on track. :muscle:

I shall pass your kind words onto our Customer Support team.

£10,000 yearly is obviously ridiculous but even the £50k “enhanced” limit is clearly bonkers. Any way to get something more reasonable? now claims

Based on your account activity and identity verification documentation you have provided us with, your 365 day rolling spend limits can be increased up to £1,400,000 .


Did anyone get a bigger limit than 50K?

Mines on £100,000

Did you request 100k or got given automatically.

100k limit now - good to know you can go massive though 1.4 million a little too much!

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Please increase these limits!!

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Ask them and usually respond within a few days

My limit is only 10,000GBP/year. That’s only about 800GBP/month. This is useless for everyday use. I try to stay within the yearly limit (proportionately). Half a month I can use Curve (up to 800GBP), the other half I have to use other cards. That’s stupid and impractical. Asked to increase twice, they refused twice. I’m waiting for a response to the third request, if they refuse again, I think I’ll give up Curve.

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now £ 500k not sure I could ever use that much but handy to be above £ 100k

I have looked for my spending limits in all menus in curve app I was not able to see them? How can I managed to got it?
I’m using the Android 9 version.

The currency limit does not exist in the app

Only the support can see

Tap on ‘Card’ at the bottom left then ‘Curve Card Limits’ on the latest Android version.

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a new user, but hopefully they will up my yearly limit after the 90 days

What’s the daily and monthly limit they offer you?