How does Limits work?


Brand new customers are subject to extra checks until they build up a spend history with us.

Standard limits are:

  • £2,000 spend per day
  • £5,000 spend per month (rolling 30 days)
  • £200 cash withdrawal per day
  • £10,000 yearly (rolling 365 days)

Curve limits will increase over time as you cultivate a spend history with us and pass our account risk checks.

Enhanced limits are:

  • £3,750 spend per day
  • £20,000 spend per month (rolling 30 days)
  • £1,000 cash withdrawal per day
  • £50,000 yearly (rolling 365 days)

You can also view your Curve limits in the app:

  • Android: Tap the ‘hamburger’ menu at the top left and choosing “Curve Limits”.
  • iOS: Tap the ‘card’ menu at the bottom left and choosing “See your Curve Limits”.

If you would like to get in touch regarding your Curve limits, you can get in touch with our Support team anytime at

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Curve Card limits


I’m posting here as I am having no luck with the support contact in the app.

I have a curve metal and I have requested to increase spend limits for the month and the year as I have my business cards as well as personal card on my curve metal.

I have reached the spend limit for the month and now my curve is redundant, so I am having to carry all my cards.

Has anyone else ever asked for limit increases? How long does it take?



I’ve successfully asked for a limit increase from CS in the app, but that was before the current backlog they have, during the original beta.


I’ve asked customer support for a limit increase last week on monday and got it yesterday.


Did you contact them through the app or via email? I’ve sent x4 requests in the app with no responses or limit increases. I have now sent an email to support to see if I get any look there.


Thanks for the heads up, I have sent an email to support as I am getting no response through the chat in the app.


Although the chat in the app does just send an email (it’s not live chat) - you should have received email confirmation from them of your request?


I contacted them through the app.


Emailed limit increase request to and it was actioned and confirmed in 14 minutes. Well done Curve! Good to see service level returning to normal.


I am very happy to hear that we were able to sort this out for you so quickly! We weathered a very rocky period after the new year here at Curve HQ but we are getting back on track. :muscle:

I shall pass your kind words onto our Customer Support team.