How does Insurance work?


We have partnered with AXA to provide insurance to our premium cardholders. Axa will be able to answer any questions you may have, in addition to claims. This ensures that the information you receive will be up-to-date and actionable.

If you’re eligible for travel and gadget insurance after the subscription model is implemented, you’ll be able to see AXA’s contact details and your policy number via the Curve App. To find this, please go to the Curve Card tab on the left side of the app and select View Insurance Details.

You can call the AXA Travel Insurance support team through this number:
UK (Black): +44 (0) 203 887 29 48
UK (Metal): +44 (0) 203 887 29 49
Portugal: +351 210 200 135
France: +33 1 707 512 18
Spain: +34 91 414 37 28
Italy: +39 2 360 037 32
Ireland: +353 144 751 67
Germany: +49 221 828 296 92

For more information on insurance with Curve, please see the Curve website here, or get in touch with AXA via their support channels or the above number.

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Can someone clarify if you are covered for winter sports?

The T&Cs document mentions that you are unless that is the main reason for your holidays?!? So if I go on a skiing holiday am I covered or not?

It’s a bit ambiguous I believe.


Unfortunately it seems that Curve staff aren’t allowed to answer, only AXA as the insurance provider would be able to tell you. I agree the T&Cs seem very unclear in this regard an they need to update them!


Curve staff are not allowed to answer because the insurance industry is extremely highly regulated and advisors must have very specific product training and cannot provide individual advice.

I am not an insurance expert, but my interpretation is as such:

  • You are NOT covered by the insurance if winter sports is the primary reason for your holiday - i.e. you’re going on a skiing trip. I would personally define that as you’re travelling to a ski resort in ski season with the intention to spend the majority of the time skiing.
  • It would appear you are covered if you weren’t planning to do a winter sport. To use an out-of-context example, later in the year I plan to travel to Greece. Whilst I’m there, there may be an opportunity for me to try some sort of diving. I’m not planning to go to dive, so I would expect this policy to cover me if I decide to do so for one or two sessions.

This is purely my interpretation, which I have provided in case it helps you to interpret the specific terms - you should always read the terms in full before assuming you’ll be covered by any policy and if you are unsure, ask the lender or a qualified insurance broker/advisor.


I have a question about the gadget insurance, do I need to register my gadgets with Axa or are they automatically covered?
And from the policy wording it’s difficult to understand whether the gadgets are only covered whilst traveling or whether they are covered 24/7. Which is the case?

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Many thanks for the reply and the information/explanation Andy.

I think we are on the same wavelength. I understand that insurance is a highly regulated market but I don’t understand how companies get away with such ambiguity. They should provide an example like yours to make things clearer for customers.

But I think they make things complicated deliberately so they can avoid paying out claims.