How does Go Back in Time work?


Go Back in Time allows you to move transactions made on using your Curve Mastercard® from one funding card in your Curve app to another. It’s free, and can be done entirely in-app.

You can use GBiT to move any purchase under £1000 with your Curve Mastercard® up to 14 days after it was made.

If you receive a refund after we have moved the transaction to another card, we will process the refund* to the card which the transaction has been moved to with ‘GBiT’. If you received a partial refund before moving the transaction, we will only move the charge left over; you will not be charged and refunded again.

Which transactions you can move with Go Back in Time

You can move your transactions onto any funding card which you have added and verified with Curve.

You can’t move transactions onto your rewards card.

The transactions you can move must be:

  • Fewer than 14 days old
  • Under £1000
  • Completed ( pending transactions can’t be moved)

Any single eligible transaction can be moved only once with Go Back in Time.

Trying to move a EUR transaction to a GBP card, or vice versa?

You can move transactions in different currencies to a card which has the same currency as either the original funding card or the currency originally billed for that transaction.

To give some examples:

  • A GBP purchase made on a GBP card can be moved to a GBP card only
  • A EUR purchase made on a GBP card can be moved to a GBP or EUR card
  • A EUR purchase made on a EUR card can be moved to a EUR card only

How to move a transaction

If you see a transaction that would be better off on a different card, you have the chance to move it somewhere else up to two weeks later. It can be moved only once, so choose wisely!

From either the home screen or your Timeline, firstly tap the transaction you wish to move:

Scroll to the bottom of the transaction and tap ‘Go Back in Time’ (under ‘Transaction Features’):

Scroll along the carousel to select the card you want to move the transaction to. The new card must be verified and in the same currency as either the original card or the currency originally billed.

Once you have confirmed that you would like to move the transaction, you will receive confirmation. Please note you can only ever move a transaction once.

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