Higher limits


I knew about it from Starling, Revolut, etc but thought it was only a fintech thing. Had no idea legacy banks had those limits, especially as in the UK card payments are very popular. Here in Portugal Multibanco payments or just regular bank transfers are usually used for bigger transactions like mortgages, etc

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Some existing banks are pretty dreadful. Just made a payment using Lloyds Amex - received an SMS OTP to complete transaction, so far so good. Order confirmation received OK. Then receive text from Lloyds saying they’re about to text me about activity on my card. A min or so later another text asking me to confirm recent transaction - I reply with Yes and they say ‘thanks, you can now attempt the transaction again in 10 mins’ - except the retailer thinks it’s gone through and my online Lloyds account shows available credit has reduced by expected amount! All pretty poorly implemented for something that should be core business for them! [plus one day on - still showing as using limit but no pending transaction]


Well, my day to day spend does not make me eligible for a limits upgrade apparently, so goodbye Curve.
I don’t think I have the patience to wait for my limit to return trickle by trickle.

Curve just hasn’t lived up to its core claim of simplifying my financial life.

I’d be very unhappy if I was on a paid subscription!

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I can understand daily and monthly limits, because they protect Curve and card holders against fraud and other unauthorised transactions, which might not be noticed for a month. However, what is the purpose of annual limits? What advantage do they give either to Curve or to card holders?

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This is also the reason why he have annual limits. Rest assured that we are working with Mastercard to offer an additional enhanced limits group for debit card users in the future.


Does this mean the current annual limit is a MC restriction? This would be news to me since with all my other cards the card issuer always sets the daily/monthly limit and none of my MC have an annual limit, no matter if they are issued in the UK or Germany


Limit setting is different for each card programme and managed service provider, depending on the service offered. Due to the type of service Curve provides, we are required to have account limits in place and any changes to these must are subject to approval, as stated in our terms of service.

We are looking into options of offering improved spend limit offerings across all of our product tiers, to match the needs of our customer base.


I believe it’s up to MasterCard if they put a spend restriction on an issuer or not. I saw this on a few very small credit union credit cards in Canada.

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@Curve_Ivo, how does an annual limit protect Curve against fraud and other unauthorised transactions in the same way that daily and month limits do? Can you describe a scenario where annual limits give such protection?


Sounds like the answer is no!

The limits make Curve pointless after a while. It’ll be months before I can use Curve again

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I must admit that’s quite impressive usage, though! :sweat_smile: