Higher limits


While not spending 3750 GBP on a night out very often, vacation prepayment, even for us normal people, can easily go over 10 000 GBP. Not to mention cost when doing refurbishments.


Yes, exactly my idea.
I have a commercial card, so I’m using my card for a lot of business purchases. But whenever I do an expensive online purchase in my home currency, I just use my underlying card directly, since I do not want to get in the trouble of hitting my Curve limit.
And when you sit in front of your computer, it doesnt make a difference if you use your underlying card or Curve when there are no fx fees.

But ofc I’d prefer to use my Curve card instead to support them, but as long as the limit is so low, I can’t do so.

Also the daily / transaction limit is way too low. When you make an online purchase for 1st class or biz class tickets for several people, this can easily cost >10k€ in 1 transaction, that won’t work with Curve, so its always the backup card.


Hi @Curve_Marie - is there an indicative timeframe for when you hope to be able to share with us how you intend to improve things for higher-spending users?


Not yet, I’m afraid. The process has started and I’ll share more news as soon as possible :slight_smile:


Anyone know what will happen to the annual limits as finding the £3750 a day\£50k a year very restrictive?

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Currently you cannot use the card after meeting the limit either for the last 365 or 30 days. You can ask for higher limits via support after 8 weeks of using Curve, but by you mentioning the 3750 pound number (the standard limit is 2000 pounds/day), I assume these already apply to you. @Curve_Marie said that they are working on enhancing the limits even further, yet as for now no details are known.


I’d still love something in app that showed your predicted limits over the next few weeks to save having to keep scrolling back a year to find what your transactions were then!


I’m about to hit my £50k annual limit - any chance that limit could be lifted?? @Curve_Marie


@Curve_Marie - I’ve also just upgraded to Metal.


Customer Support would have to look into that, however, it’s the highest limits we have. You can find the overview here: https://support.imaginecurve.com/hc/en-gb/articles/213638909-Your-Curve-spending-limits

Which card you have doesn’t affect your overall spending limits.


Hi Marie

Head for Points is reporting today that limits will increase to £1.4 million per annum. Can you confirm if this is the correct?



Are the Curve limits increasing from £50k per year? If so what new limits apply to the four card options (Blue, legacy Black, new Black, Metal)?


Message so far (which I hope continues) have always been that are per user and by spend pattern, nothing to do with card type.

General feedback on Head for Points has been that £100k is potentially available if you ask support, plans are apparently to eventually move to £1.45m max (!) but no word re timing or how someone would achieve those limits!!


Well I hope they do increase I did ask the support many times but everytime they say “it’s the highest we offer” 100k would be nice for a start


I wonder if anyone knows if there are new limits now Curve is part of World Elite MasterCard.
My understanding is that the old maximum limits are £50,000 per year, £20,000 per month etc.
I had been reading online that with the new card launch (subject to credit checks etc) there should be far higher spending limits. This would also make the new re-launch and subscription fees more palatable.
Does anyone know about this? Or anyone from Curve.


Higher limits would improve the economics of the Curve metal card for American Express purchases. See: At what point do the American Express wallets pay-off their costs and become profitable? How profitable?


Any news regarding the spending limit? IS it planned in the future or are we stuck to the 30 days, daily and yearly limits?

We Have Launched Metal - UK!

Don’t really understand what you’re speculating about. The new metal card is indeed a worldelite MasterCard, however that doesn’t mean any credit check as it’s still a debit card. The limits are due to KYC/AML and not related to your subscription tier or type of card


I am trying to understand if there are higher limits as these are relatively low
The FAQs only speak about enhanced limits up to £50k so it isn’t clear if higher limits are available


Currently there aren’t higher limits