Help & Support option is non responsive, so I cannot contact you at all now


I’ve tried to contact you regarding non refunded transaction.
Clicked on Help & Support menu item
Clicked on bottom right item pen icon.
Created a message and sent it
It will pop up in a window and close almost immidiately returning back to Support section.
From this point onwards no icon item to send another message is not reacting to send message again. If I go back to main screen I can’t go to help & Support menu
In short I can assume my note is failed to be delivered and app cannot be used to connect to support service.
I have no way to communicate with you if I need anything like I do now, which is not good at all.

App version: v1.13.6+11306 android v8.0


email directly, this seems to work for me :slight_smile:


Thank you for bringing this to our attention :slight_smile: Our testers will check it out!

The Customers Support team has the expertise and system access to help you.


This always works! And sending a ticket from the app has the same effect, except for giving more context to our CX champions, when it is regarding transactions etc. So if the in app support does not work for you please feel free to email!


I’ve been emailing directly since I found the app doesn’t work. It seemingly doesn’t send at all.


Sorry, I forgot to mention that I have created a ticket for our Android devs to look into this.