Google Pay support

We will make sure to do a wide announcement and include it in the release notes :slight_smile:

Curve could support NFC paying, like google pay and any other bank application can do nowdays on android. So we could pay with our mobile phone.

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We’re waiting for Google and Apple Pay to come to Curve.


Will this :point_down:t2:

be the same for GooglePay?

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Same as with Appe Pay: The solution is not finalised and we can share more information on how it will look like when we do launch.

We are in the middle of 3Q as you told some month ago.
Will we get Google Pay before finishing this period or is there any delay in the deadline estimated?

We’re in the second week of the quarter. Don’t have any updates to share yet :slight_smile:

@Curve_Marie Much has already been written about Apple Pay. Is there news about Google Pay?

If there were any updates on Apple or Google Pay, the staff would have mentioned it. All we know is that it’s in their plans to introduce them. Could be 2020.


As of today my main bank supports Google Pay. I still have some credit cards who don’t, but i’d rather change my CC company than wait for curve to implement GPay. So i’ll have the GPay app to switch between the cards for payment at a payment terminal, and just have to carry one physical card (my main bank’s card) for usage at an ATM. No need for curve any more, i have waited long enough.

Of course, the one advantage of Google Pay (and Apple Pay) is that you can switch between cards without a wifi or 4g connection.

My bank have there own payment app
There you can switch card
But i pay exchange fees, then using the card abroad
And its nice to have all in 1 card

I carry my wallet anyway

contactless is starting to be available now here (:es:) in many ATM’s

when that’s ready everywhere, you wouldn’t even need your physical card for that purpose, at least it won’t be mandatory

Sounds great
Skimmer no longer possible
And no one will be able to copy your card
Since it use google pay, apple pay, virtual card + tokens

GPay is a must have feature for Curve. Every other Fintech I use offers it as standard feature, except for Curve.


In Poland it’s starting to by to late for Curve. Curve has not implemented GooglePay or GarminPay while in last few months most of major Banks in Poland did.
Because of that for most of potential and already clients Curve lose the biggest advantage which was joined cards for different banks in one. I was really pleased to use Curve but now when I have Garmin watch and all my banks have GarminPay I have no use for Curve and leave it in the closet :pensive:
It’s a pity that such a innovative firm with great start focuse on implementing less useful innovations and being left behind by normal banks (at least in Poland).


Same here in the Czech Republic :czech_republic:. Still hope it will be added soon to the Curve… :pray:


First of all, I love how all my cards are in one app like curve…


Does anyone actually have a job at Curve? Because as far as I can tell nothing new is happening despite there being a trello board to give us users the illusion you are doing something…

Its 2019 why do we not have curve for Google pay, apple pay, or any other form of mobile/wearable payment.

Curve cash appears to be useless.

Can’t see anything useful other than having cards all in one place, and Google pay does that… Except funnily enough Curve does not…

Am I missing something or what???


Flagged in 3… 2… 1

I actually find Curve Cash very useful! I get paid to spend, it’s great :slight_smile:

Wholeheartedly agree on Google Pay though, it’s shame and they lost the wave, I fear.

Well, don’t worry, they just received another 6M to do… I do not know what, haven’t seen a business plan. Perhaps some of it will be used to do some of the things on the todo list, like Google pay