Going from Beta to Normal issues


I’ve just uninstalled the beta app and reinstalled the normal one. I get an error when trying to log back in now. I just get a toast popup saying access denied. Am I missing something here?

Also, on HFP blog it says that beta users will get some time of Metal or Black for free. Is anyone from Curve able to confirm this? I’m travelling a lot this month, so it would be super great and convenient timing!

January Launch FAQs

Make sure you really have the newst version installed. Yesterday I was still only able to download the old version in the Play Store, today I can download the new one.
When trying to login with the old version to an already ‘migrated’ account you’ll see the access denied toast.

You can find all details about it here


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So apparently the Curve Android app is sensitive to rants because I can login now!



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Ooo I actually just got an email from Curve now about the Curve Black promo. Thanks for the link going on too.

Hopefully a quick one, @Lucas. If I want to go with the Metal trial (assuming I have to pay for 1 month) and I want to go with a year sub, qould I get 8 months worth refunded to me, for the 4 month free trial, and can I continue to use my existing card until I activate the Metal? I leave on Friday morning and want to use my Curve when I’m away


@Curve_Marie Can’t wait to try it out.

I uninstalled my beta app and tried to install the normal one from the play store, but I can only see an app with version number: 1.13.6 updated on 28thy Sept. Am I stuck for eternity in the old world :’(

Also, super thanks for giving us a 4 month free trial of Metal. Think that will convince to go for the year subscription =D

Edit: Oops I though I posted this to another thread

January Launch FAQs

Please see here


Thanks Lucas, but I had already tried that. So am I stuck unable to use Curve until whatever Google/Curve magic kicks in and lets me see v3+?

And any idea about the upgrade process to Metal I queried above?


Yes, unfortunately thats how Google works. Back in the day it made a difference to clean the app data from the Play Store but from recent experience I can say it doesn’t help much.
Official statement from Google is they roll out updates in waves to make sure the servers are not hit all at once for users downloading updates.


Two questions someone may be able to help me with.

I’m aware that I can’t pay for credit card bills with my curve and underlying Amex but can I still use another underlying non amex card to pay my amex bill as I’ve done in the past? (I promise I don’t have financial problems . . .honest😂)

Do I have to uninstall the beta today! I wouldn’t mind delaying my new curve black trial?

Also I’m pretty sure I’m sticking with the grandfathered legacy black until new features that have more personal value are released to the metal or new black. Just expressing my sentiments


If your card underlying is a DEBIT card, then yes, if its a credit card, its against Curves Terms of Service.

You should delete the beta and switch over to the builds from the Google Play or App Store.


Can’t login either after update on Android. Been using curve blue for months now it’s frustrating as can’t login on new updated aap.
I enter by email to login but then nothing happens.please help


I’d try force closing your app, and then try clearing the app data and cache in your settings (if you’re on Android). It took me a couple tries doing this, but I was eventually able to overcome the account login issues without uninstalling and reinstalling the app.


Thanks Andrews
Tried everything few times nothing seems to work on Android.


Okay, too bad. It might be a server issue since I know they had some issues yesterday around this time in the day. It might just have to be a wait and try later thing, I’ll see if I can find the link to yesterday’s issues.


Hope it gets resolved as been trying since yesterday evening after the last update of the app


Going from beta to normal - Still missing rewards account “awaiting to upgrade”


This is the #1 priority of the Product Team. You can earn Rewards points in the meanwhile.