Go Back in Time, how does it work?



Hi Curve community, I’ve been a Curve user for about a year and today used the Time Travel feature for the first time, but unsure how the process works, I did a purchase and 15min later noticed that I had the wrong card selected, so used this feature, but now looking at both accounts, I’m getting charged on both, none of the accounts have actually been charged yet, just the available balance is negative for the amount I paid in this transaction, does the time travel feature charge both accounts and then refund the initial account? Can’t seem to find an explanation how this feature really works, would appreciate if someone could clear this out.

Thanks everyone.


Yes, that is how the ‘Go Back in Time’-feature works.


Thanks for the reply, one more questions, how long does the refund normally takes?


For me that depended on the underlying card, between a couple of hours and a day.


No refund clears in a couple of hours



For me it did…not for all my cards, but for at least one (Revolut) it did.


I’d give it a few days - refunds always seem to take longer.


Thanks for all the replies, I’ll see how it goes, ideally this would not even touch the original account used, if I knew it would be like this I would have just transferred the funds from one account to the other myself, probably less hassle, now I’m going to be charged on both accounts and later get a refund on one of them, so there’s going to be a period, until I get a refund, that I’ll be broke, this should be clearer, how exactly “time travel” works. Live and learn I guess…


If the transaction was pre authorised but not settled it’s quick, up to a day, however if the transaction is already settled, usually older than 3 days it can take up to a week depending on the underlying card


I guess the original card has to be charged at the time of the original transaction, otherwise Curve would be providing you with credit.