Garmin, Fitbit and Wena Pay are Live for UK customers!

It’s a technical problem. Revolut VISA has been added to the supported list and cannot be added. Same problem as Curve.

(Curve Blue, Germany)

Doesn’t work for me. Revolut works perfectly (has been for months).

I have my Canadian credit card tied to Curve and it otherwise works great. Tried with FitBit Pay and it’s declined by credit card issuer.

Credit card issuer is Curve.

Why is everything so complicated…can someone help me out?

Me neither…other cards work fine.

I just tried it at the Co-Op with my Garmin and it worked fine, however I did have problems in the past with Starling on the watch, I had to delete it in the app, re-sync, then add it back again to get that working. Curve worked first time for me, great addition.

Please please please please!!!

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Registering worked for me (based in the UK on Garmin). not tried paying with it yet.

same here :frowning:

I’m in Portugal and could add Revolut but not Curve :frowning:

I am in Sweden and cannot add my Curve Card to Garmin Pay.

What part of “for UK customers” do people not get? :flushed:

Where in this email does it say UK only?

"Got a Fitbit, Garmen watch or a Wena? We have good news! You can now add your Curve card to your gadget! Pay smoothly and securely with a flick of the wrist.

If Santa delivers a wearable this Christmas, Curve has your back.

And if you’re gifting a brand new Garmin, Fitbit or Wena, Curve would be the perfect touch. "

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It’s available for UK customers today, the information was not complete about this.

Any news about the expansion to other countries ?
is getting annoying though …

Would also like to know this. I have Sony Wena in Sweden.

Come on @Curve_Marie give us more contactless options!! Especially these days !

Tried to add Curve card to Garmin Pay in Portugal and says that “the bank is not participating in Garmin Pay”.
Any news when Curve can be added in other countries outside UK ?