Future USP?

So just a thought…

In the future, if all cards can be added to Google, Apple, Samsung Pay and there is no payment limit and people and not using physical cards - then you will have “all your cards in one (phone)”, so what will Curve’s Unique Selling Point be, do you think?

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Go Back In Time.

Also, if you’re like me and live in Spain, the 1% cashback, as it’s 100% non-existent otherwise.

Also, when it releases, Curve Credit, as a similar solution like Klarna is (again) almost non-existent in Spain. I can’t comment for other countries :stuck_out_tongue:


Good points - GbiT is great. I think they will need to “up” their subscription benefits too as most of what they provide (i.e. insurance and airport lounges) can be got through bank accounts and cards.

I first used Curve a couple of years ago and never really got with it, but just under three months ago decided to give it another go and I like it. My free 90 day cash-back ends on Saturday and then I’m thinking of taking a subscription.


Definitely. I want to take a subscription after my cashback period (I was going to get some kind of smartphone insurance anyway, so this is a deal for me), but I want Curve to confirm me if they are issuing Metal cards with Spanish BINs now that they are in-house.

I don’t want to risk problems with it if I upgrade :stuck_out_tongue:

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Metal user here, just bare in mind that the smartphone insurance cover only goes up to the value of £800 (At time of writing) so it’s just something to keep in mind! :relieved:

Yep, it’s on par with all other available smartphone insurance in this country for the price, except you get all the rest of Curve Metal’s features too, so it’s really a deal :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally, I do think that it should be increased to suit higher value phones (iPhone 11 pro anyone?) but I’m glad its a good fit for you! I say go for it! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


So many USP:
Better customer support (best support I received from all of my 20+ cards I received from Curve)
0% fx fees
instant push notification
nice app with good UI
able to use ALL cards in Google Pay, I have several cards where the Banks are not interested at all to join Apple / Google Pay


Just need Amex supported…

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For the time being the selling points are quite UK-centric. FX fees aren’t as important for customers inside the Eurozone, most Curve Cash retailers operate in the UK only, and XYZ Pay is officially UK only (with expansion in the works, but with unknown timeframe).

Maybe I’m a bit different to everyone else but i primarily use it for my business. For some projects I spend out before the client pays me so I set a credit card as the default spender then charge my current account card once the client has paid me which helps with cash flow, especially now the go back in time is 90 days!

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They don’t really have one… I used to love my curve. Just don’t use it now.

Cashback, lounge access better on crypto.com card. Fx etc also better there. Insurance better on nationwide flexplus and cheaper. I haven’t used my curve in months.

Hmmm, very valid point. I never thought of that.

For months and months now I only carry my phone, not even a physical card and no wallet. I use Apple Pay for all my transactions and VERY rarely do I run into problems.

COVID has only made contactless even more prevalent.