Foreign debit card with alphanumeric card number



I have a Dutch (ING bank) issued debit card which has a combination of letters and numbers instead of a 16 digit card number - is it possible to add this to my curve account or is this not currently supported?


Is it a Maestro-card? It is currently not possible to add Maestro-cards.

Your bank account number is not the same as your card number. I have a Dutch Rabobank Maestro-card, in the Rabobank app I can find its 16 digits cardnumber, that is different than the Iban account number (containing letters).


Thanks @poeliev. It is indeed a Maestro


Any idea of maestro will be added soon? I also have a debit maestro card, and it would be soooo awesome to connect this. :slight_smile:


Hey Tom! Welcome to the community!

Maestro is on the roadmap!


Hopefully it will be added very quick… I would love the idea to have my regular bank cards in the curve app!