Feedback on AXA travel insurance offer for black and metal

Asked for this previously and, it expires at 70 so no benefit at all to that age group who usually have the funds to travel etc etc. Its just not worth the money any more for some

Sadly Amex Plat UK card (also via AXA) is the same - something they’ll need to rethink in the future with an ageing population I think!

Most banks and cards stop at 70 perhaps life ends then. Only bank that offers age to 85 is the Co-op at £15 month. Curve is not offering anything to keep that age group and to be honest, a lot of cards can be used abroad without fee’s now. We will not be renewing this year for the metal card. Do Curve care, probably not.

The Coop is not the only bank which offers bundled insurance to those over 70 (in the UK)

For instance, both Lloyds and TSB also offer worldwide travel insurance up to the age of 80 bundled with accounts

Apologies for the error was not aware other banks offered that so it’s good news for the age group over 70 but bad news for Curve as there is no incentive to pay for the Metal card.

No worries. I actually agree with your broader point that the insurance policy is lacking in several respects - if the biggest current account provider in the UK (Lloyds) offers coverage to those over 70 its disappointing Curve don’t.

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I’d counter that with how many people in Curve’s target market are likely to be over 70?

Who can say. Elderly people often have more disposable income and pre-Covid travelled quite a bit. They obviously have customers in this age demographic.

Post Covid, you have to ask who Curve’s target market anyway. Firms targeting travellers are less likely to do well in the next few years