Feedback on AXA travel insurance offer for black and metal



Thanks! I am interested to know too.
Also, which number did you call to update the information?


02038872948 - I couldn’t get the number listed in the app to link through correctly on my phone, so had to type it manually.

Curve team - do you collect date of birth from users? I seem to recall that you don’t, which is probably why the default has been provided to AXA. If not, you probably need to start doing that in the app. And give users the ability to update their billing address perhaps.


I was told that if winter sports is not my main reason for the trip. it is covered within the policy. Asking them what defines main reason of the trip. But i am skiing only 3 days out of the 8 days i’ll be there… so i guess its not main reason


Do I need to register my phone somewhere to validate the insurance on it? Or does it apply to all my phones I own? I have curve metal


Does this insurance cover family members? I was not able to find it in t&c, but it was mentioned a couple times in updates from curve.


The biggest problem I have with the travel insurance thus far is that I haven’t actually been able to talk to anybody from AXA about it. I’ve spent so long on hold listening to the most generic trilingual waiting message I’ve ever heard that I cannot attribute any value to it, because I can only assume that if I ever need to claim it’ll be more stressful than it’s worth.


Yeah I’ve never got through either. I can only assume that when you select the emergency/claim option on the initial menu (rather than customer service option) then it’s be much quicker response.


Yes it does cover family when travelling with you. It’s in the definitions under “You”.


Not when I tried - exactly the same hold message and experience. I didn’t bother waiting to find out if they answer any quicker; I’d spent too long already waiting the maximum 30 minutes I allow places to keep me on hold numerous times.


Called them today and got nowhere with customer service so going to try the claim number tomorrow, guy I spoke to couldn’t find the policy number I gave him