¿En que cajeros españoles no se cobra ningún tipo de comisión?



Buenos días:

Se que las comisiones que cobra cada banco no dependen de Curve pero aun así he pensado que seria buena idea que hiciéramos una lista de los bancos en los que se puede sacar efectivo sin comisión, por ejemplo yo voy a poner 2 en los que SI te cobran comisión, gracias por vuestra colaboración!!


  • Bankia
  • Santander
  • Cajamar



Sorry I don’t yet speak Spanish. I’m afraid it is related to something the Curve card presents to an ATM. I’ve got a N26-metal card, and Sabadel ATM says that I ‘might’ be charged €1.80 by my bank (I’m never charged). I got the same message when I used to use the Curve-prepaid card (was never charged). But not with Curve-debit card I get the message that I ‘will’ be charged €1.80 by this bank (Sabadel). I’ll make pictures later.


Here’s what I found in cajamar


Thanks a lot. I will add it to the list, have you withdrew on any other bank that does not charge anything?


Thanks for your info! Did you finally got charged at Sabadell using your curve debit after they told you they will?


Sorry for the long delay. Using Curve the ATM charges you immediately, so I got a 41.80 charge right away.


Rafa is asking:

At which Bank’s ATMS do you get charged comission for using curve and which don’t so far - He means in Spain and he wants help compiling a list of those that do and those that dont.


I wasn’t charged in Unicaja


He probado los que dices y te dicen que te van a cobrar X comisión, pero cuando la aceptas Curve no te la cobra, en la cuenta atí solo te aparece el dinero que sacas, la comisión es ignorada.

Santander y Bankia aunque aceptes la comisión no te la cobran, Cajamar no he probado.