Duplicate Charges: What Happened. How We Fixed It. How We’ll Do Better


A very helpful explanation, @Curve_Marie - this sort of open and transparent approach is greatly appreciated.


Indeed. A high quality, detailed, yet accessible explanation.


I was affected too but I have to admit that this kind of detailed explanation and the steps they intend to take in the future, makes me forget the incident and consider it a bad moment.


@Curve_Marie is it possible that TFL would have been affected but not picked up by your refund process?
I ask because my charge was higher than normal for Thursday (charged Friday).

So if you knew that all transactions were being duplicated at 9.30 why did you send me a response at 10.49 blaming Tesco for sending multiple transactions?

At least we agree on one thing. It’s not good enough.

To be clear, I wasn’t affected by this (but I did do a couple of transactions using Curve the day before).

In all fairness, Curve was not entirely to blame for all of this, but I am beginning to question the entire man-in-the-middle approach that is the whole concept behind Curve.

Yes, it is more convenient to only carry 1 card around, but this is vastly outweighed by the amount of problems and outages over the last few months.

It would be great if we could now get to at least Easter without any further problems. My confidence in this product is starting to wane.

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I mean, that’s definitely over dramatic. No issue has outweighed the benefit to date - except the Amex fiasco(s).

Curve had this fixed very quickly and, because my bank isn’t decrepit, my refunds were immediate.

Yeah it could be better but please relax - Curve is a work in progress.


Quite impressed to just have a follow-up call from a Curve rep just now checking I knew about the duplicate transaction issue and that all had been sorted. Checked my credit card (Barclaycard) - had two on pending before, now one confirmed and two pending but they should drop off in a few days.