Don’t forget the frogs


Hy all !

I’m a French user of Curve, and honestly I really appreciate it, using 6 card at the time it is game changer for my wallet.

But I see in and there that there some changes to come about offer and subscription plan.

There is not any info about planning for other countries, we do not know what is going to happen : there is no info on the website (the one I see) and no details on the curve communauté also except grandfathering and beta test feedback.
It is very frustrating :slight_smile:

Also if there is any beta test for new products in France I’ll be happy to subscribe.




Hello Charles,

We haven’t forgotten about you :slight_smile: We are currently preparing to launch out of the beta programme, so the updates you are referring will be broadly communicated once we do launch. The plan is to find a way to have open Betas in the future where all our customers can join.

You can find a sneak peak of what’s to come here:

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Hi Marie !
Thanks for your reply.
Any idea of the planning about launching the beta to French users ?