Do you only carry Curve?


Curve is no a credit card and will not provide the benefits of credit card. So if you want the warranty credit card provides then don’t go out of the house without your regular credit card.


I always carry back ups these days because I’ve lost trust and when I raised the issue that cards without embossed numbers are not as widely accepted I was shot down. Today again I faced that issue with car hire and the company refused to accept cards without raised numbers on it.

This was allegedly for aesthetics but really it means electronic use only and is about control at the expense of functionality.


Which car hire company is causing you all these problems? It is genuinely their problem, not Curve’s…at least in the UK basically every card issued is online-only now…


Take your pick of car hire companies, this is a standard requirement in Cyprus and many other countries. You say it’s their problem but it’s their rules and was a decision by Curve to change this that affects the usability of the product. Beta cards has embossed numbers and there was no problems.

The travel element was after all sold as a Curve USP so to think closed to our own shores is less than ideal


I can only talk about what I know, I’ve never hired a car in Greece!

But it’s MasterCard who changed their product to allow what Curve are doing and many other providers do the same thing. One of the main points of Chip and Pin was to reduce or eliminate the need for manual impression card processing, what with it’s absolute nothingness of security.

Anyway, it’s not really a discussion for this thread. I think you’re just being unfair on Curve when it’s ultimately not their fault…


Curve and a backup Visa card as an alternative system. Never had any need to use the backup so far. Long may that continue! :blush:


Amex and curve only.


Curve have said they made the choice to change this. Therefore their choice lowered the functionality. How is that unfair? It’s a simple fact and the thread is about do you carry back up cards which I have to now they made that choice.

It really seems you just want to pick an issue with a subject you have said you haven’t experienced


Only carry Curve card now and use Apple pay as my back up…


Carry Curve and a Visa Debit/BankAxcept which also doubles as a ID card, on my phone «wallet» and then a few more cards in my backpack.


In a lot of countries most cards are not embossed and there’s the opposite problem. Embossed cards here in Portugal oftentimes will not fit into payment terminals due to the thickness that the embossing adds. That’s a physical problem while not accepting non embossed cards seems just a matter of nonsensical company policy. Maybe you should complain to that company and not Curve?


Interesting - never seen a payment terminal that didn’t take embossed cards, I thought that would be part of the minimum spec.


Not at all.

Santander for cashback in supermarkets

Amex to check into hotels, to avoid a hold being placed on Curve. If abroad I settle with Curve.

Amex or visa where spending over £100 due to the lack of section 75

Hilton CC for points in that chain.

Amex or Visa for car hire. Usually Amex due to the superior insurance.

Halifax Clarity as a backup for foreign transactions.

Various loyalty cards

So have to take a full wallet with me all the time.

Purchased a foreign transaction this week on Amex for the summer as was concerned that if Curve went under and the service wasn’t provided I would have no comeback. It was almost £700 so fairly chunky.