Diners Club support

+1 for Diners Club support. Any news here?

In the UK, acceptance of Diners Club has massively increased too, with any merchant that processes its card transactions with Barclaycard now accepting it. But hardly anyone in the UK has Diners Club any more, so nobody has noticed.

+1 for DinersClub support! :slight_smile:

+1 for Diners Card Support! in austria, switzerland and germany, the Dinersclub has a very high level of acceptance and is therefore urgently needed.

hallo kass, also ich kann fast überall mit diners in vorarlberg bezahlen :wink:

Hi there! Unfortunately, I can only partially agree with you. Daily shopping is now no longer a problem, it becomes difficult when you want to buy services (e.g. book travel) or buy through web shops, PayPal is also one of those things!
The acceptance on my business trips is also rather mixed.

I can currently process about 60 to 65% of my payments via Diners. It would be an extreme plus for me to see the integration in Curve, if only because of Apple Pay!

Diners Club and PayPal work just fine in my opinion. I use it all the time…

Yes, they do, but you pay in USD not EUR!

See: https://www.dinersclub.at/karten/akzeptanzstellen/paypal.html