Diners Club support

Diners Club Support would be great, especially for Curve users in Central Europe!

Diners card is not bad for use. The main advantages are free entrance to airport lounges and reward program.

Count me in too for diners. Two things I would be happy to have - diners and apple pay support :raised_hands:

Yes. Please add Diners!

I had a German Diners Club card 20 years ago for DEM 150 (€76.69) per annum including up to 8 cards on one account with unlimited lounge access included. However, Diners Club later terminated its agreements with many of the lounges. Although Diners Club has increased its number of lounges again, my UK Diners Club card does not offer free access. I instead use Priority Pass via American Express Platinum for unlimited lounge entry.

Same opinion here, I would use curve more if we have Diners as an option. In Croatia is one of the strongest brands now even more when Amex is going out of bussines in some EU countries. Add this soon :slight_smile:

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