Delays in Transactions Appearing


Is anyone else having delays in having transactions appear in the Curve app?

I had a transaction occur at around 15:00hrs GMT and the underlying card has a pending transaction that I can see on online banking but the Curve app hasn’t updated to show the transaction. Normally it appears to show up instantly but this doesn’t seem to be the case. (Of course now that I’ve posted I’m sure the transaction will appear in the app).

Edit: A transaction from around 12:00 hrs GMT finally popped up, so I’m going to go with that there’s a delay in the system.

Push notification delays
Transaction not showing in the app

I think they’re looking into it, I saw a thread a few days ago saying engineers are working on it


There were Push notification delays @Dann. The team is working on a fix.

Thank you for bringing this forward @andrewz. This is being investigated and I’ll post an update as soon as possible.


It’s not a big lag by any means, maybe an hour or so. I read through the other thread and it seems like it might be related. I didn’t get a notification either so one fix might fix my issue as well. Thanks for being so on the ball, it’s appreciated.


Has there been any progress on this matter? This still seems to be an ongoing issue.


Agree - notifications definitely still delayed


Made a transaction over an hour ago , still hasn’t appeared on curve but is shown pending on underlying card.


Also had transaction delayed last Thursday by a few hours. It’s not about the notification, it is the transaction not shown in the time line; but the transaction was showing instantly as ‘pending’ in the underlining card online statement.


We had some delays this weekend, but should be up and running again.

This is a part of a larger project driven by our Engineering team. They will restructure how we send out spend notifications. We should have an update for you in the next weeks.

Push notification delays

Unfortunately this is still an issue and appears to be happening for all transactions at the moment, notifications are delayed and it takes some transactions several hours to appear in my feed.