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Hi folks,
Most of my transactions I carry out ‘physically’ as opposed to online, are for personal purchases and therefore I mostly want on my personal credit card. It would be great, if in conjunction with the previously suggested ‘sticky card’ rules, one could set a default card. The behaviour that would suit me best (and, of course, I invite the thoughts of others) would be that I can set a default card (say with a long press on it) but also select another card ‘on the fly’ that is deselected (and the default restored) after the next transaction or 15minutes, whichever comes first.
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That sounds like a really good idea!



Definitely one I’d like as well. And also something where it can automatically using a different card at an ATM.

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I think that a good way of implementing this would be:
You set a default card.
And then when switching to another card for a single purchase you could swipe up on the new card (or long press and “select an option” or similar).
This card would then be used for the next purchase and then the default would be reinstated.

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