Custom App Icons!


So, my idea is probably far down the bottom of the pile, but from my understanding, could be fairly quick to implement with a few minutes of coding.

Custom app icons… you’ve upgraded to metal or black? why not change the app icon to match it?

460x0w rainbowtest
(I’ve mocked a couple up, based on Curve Red, and Curve’s Pride icon)

I’ve also found a way to do it myself via webapps/profiles, until/if we get this officially, and it looks AMAZING. Fly them colours :rainbow_flag:



This would be VERY cool!!

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it shouldn’t take too long/much effort to add to the app either :slight_smile:



Monzo currently do this, and it’s quite a nice feature to have.

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Yeah, I got the idea from Monzo tbf… I just love it. I have the Monzo Pride icon :smiley:

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LOL but how can you see it over that background? :stuck_out_tongue:

No issues with them doing this but would love in-app card images to be correct (and made changeable again!) first lol. I wonder if the Devs get any 20% time where they could do this? :slight_smile:

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I’m gonna end up at the office begging them no doubt :joy:

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looks like @curve_tobias might be suggesting this to the engineers… fingers crossed we get this ;D



We have chat about it, need to find a good space to put the option and we already have some ideas for app icons… in line with our new top product line up :wink:




Make sure the Curve pride one is in there :rainbow_flag:
I don’t think it’s too hard to implement??

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The iOS engineers have confirmed it isn’t too hard, like I said we need a decent place to put the option and good UI for presenting & choosing the different options.

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This is monzo’s App icon gui…

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Nice work @Dann

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Thanks mate! Love the fact this is getting some traction!