Curve's Product Roadmap


Apple Pay is listed in the roadmap as “in progress” so as this queue is different from “next 6 months”, what does “in progress” means - more or less than 6 months :slight_smile:

Also, it is nice on the Tello the entries to have a date, as “next 6 months” means nothing when you do not know approximately from when :slight_smile:

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Any chance of including Garmin Pay in the e platforms.



You can vote for that here:



Any updates on the Product Roadmap? It seems since the whole mess with Subscriptions, Amex support and changes in the rewards scheme. Not a lot of transparency on progress of things.

Would be great to see other features, other than Amex, are being worked on.

There are a number of things on the product roadmap which would make Curve a much better product, and some of them are wanted even more than Amex support or subscriptions.

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We will finalise the latest launches by repairing all the bugs, setting up the Curve Black Legacy tier, and bring back the possibility to rearrange the cards in the app before moving on to new feature releases.

There will be a big announcement when we update the roadmap. As a part of the announcement, we will clarify the process and reasoning behind the update.



OK, I hear you, but is there an actual time frame to this? Soon always seems to not be in the Curve world and it becomes something that damages client relationships



From our experience, we have learned it’s better to not give an estimate (which will be exactly that, an estimate) and rather give insight to the process and we we will do next. Estimating a date and not being able to uphold it due to unforeseen challenges have caused more frustration for our customers than telling which order things will be rolled out.



Unless you give the impression that nothing’s being worked on.
At least you could update the board - no? Give some transparency on which teams/how many people is working on a certain feature or such.

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see post further up: Curve's Product Roadmap



What happened mostly are broken promises. First the AmEx disaster in which if anything you have shown incompetence in rolling the feature out twice. You can blame AmEx as much as you want on this. It’s been weeks since it was disabled and this can only mean you didn’t do your homework in working with AmEx. You clearly didn’t learn your lesson first time around!!!
And then the Lounge promise. Firstly not being clear that you will charge per visit which might actually have been against the law leaving subscribers under the impression that visits will be included but secondly where is the feature. I’ts been promised but there is absolutely no sign of it. Nevertheless you feel like you can charge the full annual fee. I think you are a case for Trading Standards at this point!



I mean, it’s pretty clear to me that the lounges aren’t free…

I’d be happy to take a look and feedback to the team I’d you have seen anything that says they’re free…

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Agreed that’s quite clear, but as with many of the be benefits, whilst full info is available on the website, the in-app description is quite misleading:

The fact that they show more info on the website shows that they know it’s important - the fact that the app is still missing so much is at best laziness.



The challenge comes with the lack of solid information and simply an over sold product without the ability to deliver.



I feel you should do a little homework on the Amex situation and how it unfolded…

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I agree there’s still work to harmonise the Web site and app, but I don’t ascribe it to laziness - far from it.

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Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We don’t any further updates on this but we have raised this with our Head of Product and and respective Development Team leads.

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