Curve's Product Roadmap


I mean linking cards to the Curve account that are not from the UK. What info would they show?

Speaking of, do you have plans for international expansion outside of the EEA?


Curve cards from outside UK show up just like UK cards, tough the card images are sometimes a little weird


I have some added so I know how they work now - and yeah - images are a huge issue but I am simultaneously surprised that some of the images are already there. I meant about the new features wrt Open Banking. Are there any plans to integrate with an online banking aggregator like Billguard does?


Will the metal card incur a one-off fee like Black or will it be a monthly subscription?


I hope there is a choice to get the metal card without the subscription.


I rather they charge only a1 off fee to the new metal card than subscription fees. After all it’s not a credit card revolution is already silly enough to do like that. Although they actually provided a services and account within. At least for exisiting curve black customers they should charge any… but anyone from other tiers may be accept to charge a small fee


I agree, the in-app chat will be great for the urgent issues support, as the email support is a bit slow (2-3-4 days).


The Trello board suggests that black will no longer be supported and instead replaced for the following:

We are moving to a subscription-based model, keeping the Blue (free) tier and adding two new paid tiers with different limits and allowances. You can benefit from:

  • 0FX for international transactions
  • 0FX for ATM withdrawals abroad
  • Amex as funding card (UK only for the moment)
  • Cashback and Rewards introductory offer
  • Go Back in Time with your transactions
  • Curve card spending limits
  • Travel and Gadget insurance
  • Metal card

Does this mean that the cashback for initial Black card holders will be stopped? Similarly, what benefits will apply to which subscription?


Surely not? That’s a right kick in the teeth for those who purchased the pro card.


Black isn’t going anywhere. Curve have clarified that this is a tier onto of the black card.


Although at present it seems a little bit unclear as to what will happen to existing cardholders and how long any extension of benefits will apply.


Any news on when the Amex closed beta is going to end?


As soon as possible, but not before it’s ready. In other words: we don’t know quite yet :slight_smile:


Any chance of some more people getting onto the beta? Or even an idea of what is happening? I saw a while ago, someone posted about an update to the beta app with some new features, but that post was quickly deleted (or moved to a secret topic). Would just be nice to know how things are progressing :slight_smile:


You can apply to join the next wave here:

It was moved to a closed topic where we gather feedback :slight_smile: It’s still in the works and we’ll post an update as soon as we know when we can launch it to the public.


Thanks - I applied there when the blog post was first released, but it doesn’t seem many (or any) new people have actually been given access yet?

I understand the wish to gather feedback privately, but I must say that the lack of any sort of communication/updates around it is quite disappointing.

(Please don’t take this the wrong way. It’s just that you’ll struggle to build an engaged community if people have no reason to engage)


It’s somewhat ironic and downright strange that there’s more info about the beta on other communities. What’s the massive secret on here?!


That’s a very fair point, thank you for your feedback. This is the first time we are doing a beta on this scale, so there’s naturally room for improvement. A lot has happened and some things went according to plan, sharing updates with everyone in addition to sending out emails to people on the waiting list will be put on the agenda :slight_smile:

No secrets, just putting all our efforts towards gathering feedback from customers helping us build the product and prepare for the public launch. @podgib made the point really well and we will share more info on what’s going on.


Hiya, how do I / we sign up to the waiting list?


See the link earlier in this thread (about five posts ago)