Curve's Product Roadmap


I don’t have more information at this time. There will be an update on this explaining how the subscription model will look like in due time and how it will be rolled out.


I’ll double check on this when we are back in the office on Monday :slight_smile:


Any news regarding a metal card for mainland Europe? Or will it be a UK exclusive?


The day is not over yet @marijntj :slight_smile: Will know after the next meeting

Meeting is over - follow up: We plan on making it as widely available as possible, but don’t have a clear timeframe for metal yet.

When will Curve be available in Greece?
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I also want to see curve issue buffer credit to good standing customers or premier card holder as well as airport Lounge Pass and travel insruance for existing premier cardholder…

As far as the metal card… I love to see that


Thanks Marie, much appreciated!


I’d be very interested in the metal cards, especially the unlimited AmEx spend!


Hi Marie! I can’t stress enough how awesome would it be to have 3DS working in Curve. Is there any way for it to make onto the roadmap? I don’t think it would be that hard to introduce in comparison to other projects already on the list, but the security enhancement would be immeasureable and the acceptance rate in on-line stores would go up as well.


Many thanks for a great community work - I’m very excited about new features planned for next year, especially for Apple Pay.

I also vote for PSD2 connection services, AISP will be beneficial for me - simple balanceCheck can replace my need to check my internet/mobile banking applications. No need for transaction history.

I’d also like to thank you for such an amazing product!!!


Will Curve bring about some sort of in-app live chat system (using Intercom or an in-house system)? I feel like it would greatly improve customer service


Yes, you can! Comment and like the thread below to show your interst.

We haven’t planned on it, but please do bring it forward in the Ideas and Feedback category mentioned above :slight_smile:


Why would that be an improvement on this forum?


I meant on the actual Curve app, it’d be better to have a live chat for support, as seen on other fintech banks such as Monzo, N26 etc.


@Curve_Marie ,from your Roadmap it appears as though those who have paid for CurveBlack have now essentially wasted their money unless you plan on upgrading them to the next tier free of charge/by having them pay the discrepancy between the two tiers as the only difference (additional feature) is the travel insurance and metal card.Therefore those currently on CurveBlack will have essentially have lost their £50 that they paid for the benefits that you’re moving to the next tier unless you plan on refunding them.Please could you clarify what the plan is for current CurveBlack clients?

Thank you in advance and I hope to hear from you soon


It would be great if the physical location of the merchant was passed on to the underlying card. I have a Visa card co-branded with BP that gives 6% cashback at BP petrol stations in Portugal as well as a MasterCard that gives a 4 cent/liter cashback at Galp petrol stations.

With the transaction location being London, there’s no cashback…


There are 3 tiers. Curve Black users like yourself and myself are keeping the features and even gaining some. The metal card is purely bringing extras. They have another post on the forum outlining everything they’ve said publicly.


What changes can we expect from the advanced timeline? Additionally, what about non-UK cards?

Curve card balance

We will send out an email with more information. When that’s out I’ll create a new thread on the forum with the details and so the Curve team can answer questions from everyone. This is what our @Curve_TCB wrote in his newsletter (summarised here):

“Adding more benefits to Curve Black
Worldwide travel and medical insurance (for UK, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Portugal and Spain residents to start with), higher fee-free limits for spending abroad, Amex support for UK residents with £1000 fee-free monthly spend, and more - Curve Black is more attractive than ever. If you are already a Curve Black owner, we will send you an email shortly with more information.”

It seems like you are in good company wanting to collect points via Curve in a more seamless way. Would you be interested in creating a thread in the Feedback and Ideas category explaining the use case so we can gauge the interest for this?

You will have more information about your transactions. From the Trello card:
“Get an enhanced view of all your transactions (including declines) in one place: all the information from your payments, the merchant, Google Places API as well as a central place for all your notifications.”

Could you elaborate? Do you mean who can get a Curve card today or are you referring to the upcoming Metal cards?


Someting similar was discussed here:

Show In-Store purchase as offline

And I have created a Topic for this in the Feedback and Ideas category.

Though I think for you to be able to collect cashback you even need a more precise location. For the issue described in the link, it would be sufficient that offline is shown when an in-store payment took place, that in that case London is shown as the location is not a problem (for you this is probably not good enough to get your cashback).