Curve truly a replacement for all my cards?

I had the same problem. When I went to my home country (Benin) for holidays, curve did not work anywhere. This also happened to me when I went to Ethiopia, the card was always declined. Fortunately I had alternative card on me


Cards fail and Apple Pay can fail asking insert card so be wary but in all honesty I’ve not had many issues yet that says my curve card is rejected depends on how the underlying card sees curve cause you might have to tell them it’s a card that you use and it works with your card so both cards are used but curve is the card used first at the merchant shop permanent tsb in Ireland has info on all the types of payments possible with your bank debit card and curve falls in to it. You have to convince it’s you using the card to avoid it being under fraud checks using curve cause people have used cards like curve to commit fraud from debit and credit cards

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I think the only issue with just using the Curve card is apparently insurance issues? some have said because the item was not technically bought from the bank/credit card direct, the bank/credit card company may reject claims etc?

as far as I can tell looking at the Curve app, you are paying with the Curve card who then charges the bank/credit card company…

so for more expensive items, probably best to use the original card

regular shopping, groceries, clothes, petrol etc would be fine, but say tv, laptop, more expensive items etc, best use the original card to be on the safe side

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I think they should let users use the blue for 3 months getting cashback, then after 3 months, stop like they are doing now, or pay a smaller fee, cheaper than than the Black subscription

with the Black subscription, some months I will spend more than enough to cover it, but then some months, no where near…

so maybe after 3 months, with the Blue, charge say £4.99 a month subscription?

You do know that for the Curve Black card the minimum subscription is only 1 month (in contrast to the Metal card where the minimum subscription period is 6 months without having to pay the Curve Metal Card fee upon cancellation)? So if you know upfront that you will spend enough in a certain month to cover the subscription costs with Curve Cash, you can get a subscription for a month, earn yourself lots of Curve Cash and after one month cancel the subscription.

Or maybe this just sounds nice in theory, but in practice is too much of a hassle :thinking: :wink:

This is interesting as I am about to head to the US …
I ALWAYS take the commission free credit card that I have put into Curve and usually pay for my hotel bill with it anyway because that is the card I have provided for the initial deposit - but prefer to use Curve for food where I need to top up my tournament credential allowance.

Looks like I will have to carry both with me (and just lock up the debit cards in the safe as per usual) …

But to answer your question the answer will always be NO. I can’t do any banking stuff using the Curve card (paying into my account etc) but it is handy in the UK when you are out for the night and only want to have one card with you.

Hello everybody and first, please stay safe and at Home when possible. Well, I just think that Our Curve card will be better and able to be the only one we carry after becoming a “Credit” card. You know what i mean ? Curve card will always be a “Debit” card, that’s sure, but it could have a “credit” signature. That means, recognized as a credit card byt the pos terminal and in fact have a near from total acceptance everywhere. I do have such a card with another bank, it’s a “debit” card linked to my bank account, but identified as a “credit” card by the systems. And even at the highway toll or underground parking or hotels deposits, it works very quickly and without any issue.Pat.

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I’m not sure I can see any advantage to that?

It would mean transactions that can’t be completed with a credit card (like paying a credit card or loan, or paying tax in the UK) couldn’t be paid with a Curve card.

Whilst on the plus side, it would allow a minority of pre-authorisations to be a little more efficient in the small number of places that haven’t got good enough systems to pre-authorise a debit card (mostly those really terrible small rental car companies).

On the whole, I think it would be worse as a credit card - apart from the fact that is simply isn’t a credit card! What is your justification for wanting it to be presented as anything else?

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Hi Andyk… yes i agree with all that, if i’m talking about a “credit” signature it’s just because some terminals rejects the card immediately when identified as a “debit” card. i.e, when i book a hotel with a debit card, even with money enough to hold a pre -authorization, sometime it’s rejected before any process ! When i do that with my visa “debit” witch has a “credit” signature, it’s ok. But finally i’m ok with you, in case of a real credit card is rejected, curve will be too…Pat

Yeah I agree that is frustrating and really it’s down to a silly policy on the part of the hotel :frowning:

I guess I get around this because I have an American Express which I always use for anything that might need a pre-approval anyway. I think just using a credit card directly for those few things that might actually need it is a better solution than changing the signature on a Curve card to represent something it isn’t at the expense of other use cases…?