Curve Travel Tab

Now that the Connect tab is probably going to be deleted from the app

there will be a free slot in the app menu. I suggest creating a smart Travel tab that would automatically appear once we cross the border of our home country (and make first transaction abroad). It would be a nice place to include some basic information, such as:

  • the current FX rate (which btw should be available anyway),
  • travel insurance details (for those who have it),
  • fraud prevention tips,
  • best ATM usage tips,
  • major retailers in that particular place (or maybe some sort of a short travel guide co-created by our community?)

Sounds like a good idea. Could also include how much of the free allowance has been used for those with caps. Certainly the existing Connect one needs to go. Insights is currently useless on Android too as there’s just an error when you click on details. Hopefully a general refresh is in the works!


Apparently it is! Look at this: ❤️ New Curve App (Concept Redesign)

Haha yep I remembered that just wasn’t sure re timescale or if still definitely happening :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

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@Curve_TCB mentioned the new app being made a week ago so it definitely still is an ongoing project.

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Love this! You have my vote and your idea has been to the product team :smiley:


Yes, it’s still in the works :slight_smile:


Plus that on the free allowance limit. It’s the one I’d be watching more than anything else on the free account. An alert when you get near or reach the £500 limit. (I’m hoping one day they will raise this amount). Hardly anything when you’re travelling with a family unless ever member has a curve card which is impratical Starling and Monzo do not have these limits.