Curve showing very misleading exchange rates

Doubling exchange rate is at least 3 months old issue (it seems nobody cares to fix… )


Well they are very busy expanding to the US!

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Maybe they should fix the problems here first before doing that.


Ooops! Forgot my sarcasm tag!

Sadly US is a big priority for them I’m sure because of the much higher interchange fee earnings they’ll get.

It came across very sarcastic so don’t worry about it.

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Really though… I’m shocked, we’ve been in this thread chatting about a very serious issue for almost a week now and we’ve heard nothing from staff about this?!

@Curve_Marie said she will investigate, maybe she’ll be able to shed light on the issue and tell us what’s up !

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UPDATE from my complaint:
In one of the replies to my email:

To clarify, the display issue is not widespread and only affects a small number of transactions. Except for these rare cases, the conversion rate shown will be accurate.

My complaint was upheld and received £5 Curve Cash.
A bit meh about it though as I’m not after the ‘compensation’, I just want transparency and the rates to be displayed correctly. How would/could you tell that it’s wrong just by looking the app/transaction history?
How about I vote with my feet and not use Curve for a while.

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If you’re on a subscription, not using Curve could make them more money not less.


You don’t have to tell me :rofl:
Fortunately, I’m only on Curve Blue. I’ve been thinking of upgrading to metal recently (and Crowd Cube back in Sept 2019) but not anymore and glad I didn’t!

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Glad you got compensated @jeno

Odd they are still claiming it’s an exchange rate issue when no matter what the original purchase is - it’s always £2 out!


You’re lucky then.

I’m on Curve Black and I was thinking of upgrading to Metal before it was launched outside the UK but some recent posts on the community and the lack of Google/Samsung Pay is probably going to lead me to either downgrade to Curve Blue or to leave Curve entirely.

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Thanks @andrew1 not sure £5 is worth our time though. We just want it corrected, think that’s fair. They seem very dismissive.
Also, as I responded to my complaint, I sent a link to this thread and mentioned there are many more cases/instances of this. Hopefully they look into it ASAP.

Yup, there are downgrade options. Can’t blame you. I’m not 100% sure but I think there’s no minimum term for Black but check out their T&Cs:

Thanks for raising this issue Andrew. I’ve checked my last five foreign cash withdrawal transactions (dating back to May 2019) and all appear to have had the £2 fee added. I’ll be raising this issue with support now but based on your experience I don’t have much confidence in a positive response

Good luck @Olly!

As @jeno did, you may wish to go straight to filing an official complaint (see my link earlier in the thread). Just directly ask for £10 Curve Cash as compensation.

Hopefully the more people that find and raise this issue, the more that gets done.

I don’t have the most satisfying news. It’s as you’ve already written here, a display issue that’s affecting a smaller group of customers :grimacing:

All your feedback has been forwarded to the team and I hope they’ll have a chance to fix it as soon as possible.



Thanks for the update. Will Curve be proactively refunding everyone that was charged a higher rate than shown on screen?

I think it would be the right thing to do to rebuild trust.

That’s not a policy we have in place as we wouldn’t charge you more if a higher amount was displayed than what you were originally charged. Please do get in touch with our Customer Support team if you encounter this display issue and they will look into it on a case-by-case basis.


What about this one?

Is there any chance to get a submenu showing the daily exchange rates?

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1huf is 0.0028eur, basically nothing :open_mouth:

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