Curve Send (P2P) - Phase 1v2: Transfer from your Curve Cash card to payment card

I can not change GBP (CPT at curve cash) to other currency i mean PLN. I would like to use curve cash with PLN, send and receive money in this currency. It would be nice to have this possibility… I know that curve cash is now only in GBP but we customers should have an option to change this to other currencies which are supportet by curve

we should have alsow possibility to withdrawal from curve cash

New update (2.13.0) and there it is Curve Send again :laughing:
Although now I cannot change the card image, nickname neither the currency in any card :thinking:


New Android version and image card selection is still blocked… I can’t understand it.

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version: 2.13.0+20130001
device: Samsung S10
OS: stock Android 9


  • Icon - Seems it is missing the adaptive icon (I see the Android placeholder)
  • Send - Sorting is wrong, emoji are in the bottom of the list > They should be supposed to be on top of the list
  • Menu - The Icon shows the Curve Logo > It should show the user image/icon as in the Send (where I can see my face)
  • Card - Show PIN > Modal has no title
  • Card - Manage Your Subscription, if you tap on “All Your Cards in One”, tap back button to go back to “Choose your Curve” view and tap back again, it shows the modal of “All your cards in One” instead of reaching the Card View. You can reach that just using the hardware button to force back.
  • Menu > Support - Is not that clear that the icon on the top right corner is to see the ticket list or in general the ticket view
  • Timeline > Tapping on search focus on field, but doesn’t show the keyboard
  • Timeline > In the list the icon with Curve Cash, when refresh is flickering, seems an issue with List, better to use a Recycler?
  • APK is not optimized, I think you are keeping all the libs for all the platform (arm, mips, x86)
  • About Curve > Think that would be great to list there the libs you used for the app and their licences, otherwise the section is a bit empty
  • Menu > Logout - Add at least an alert where it ask the user to confirm to do something destructive, otherwise you get logged off with no confirmation
  • Wallet > Is the NavBar default selected fragment on login, why you should not put that as the first item on the left instead as Icon?
  • Card > the card number is masked, what if I have no card with me and need to have code? It would be great to have full number at least on tap (keep masked by default, tap show that) or to make that more “cool” tapping the card make it flip and you can see the back with code and expiration

Some of the issue above still be in place


You are right, card image , nickname and currency cannot be changed in v 2.13.0 but was working fine on 2.12.1.

Curve Send is back though :+1:t4:


@Curve_Marie would the beta team be able to post changelogs on here? Would make it much easier for beta testers to know what to look out for when checking for changes, functionality, etc. :slight_smile:


Section Contact US raise a “message failed. tap to retry” if you try to submit a message.

Internet connection is ok

I am not getting notifications on successfull transactions only on failed ones.

GBiT shows the same card for both. It is impossible to know which original card was used for purchase.

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2.13.0 is still loading with all the cards off to the right and Curve Cash card showing, yet with the transactions matching the default card. Has been doing this for many version now.

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Interesting, that I have only 2.12.1. There is no 2.13.x on google playstore on my phone. :thinking:

I noticed this too… It’s so annoying.

It might be Play Store gradually rolling out upgrades. For 2.12.0 I seemed to get it a day or so after some others, yet this one has been the other way round! Hopefully in the next 24h it should show up for you. I’ve not noticed any differences yet so far anyway and there’s no new release notes on Play Store either.

Well… I’ve discovered that I dont have support chat in the app :hushed: every time I try to send a message I got an error to try send ir again … “Erro de Mensagem” … " Toque para tentar novamente/touch to try again" :thinking:


That’s a known issue, you will have to email from your email client. In addition to this, you are unable to change card name, card image, card currency, cards are shifted right upon app start up, go back in time showing same card for both to and from card. These are just a few of the bugs that have persisted through past few releases. There are more bugs in Beta as you can see from this and other threads.


I’ve asked for release notes moving forward :slight_smile:


@Malik changing card name, card image, card currency is fixed in 2.12.1 which is available on the App Store and for the ones on beta it is on 2.13.1.

Thanks @curve_tobias, I can confirm this is fixed :+1:t4:

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So do I. That’s fixed right now.

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