Curve Send (P2P): Any card to any card in over 25 different currencies

Hey, we investigated the issue with the Android app not being available, and it all looks exactly as it should, which means you should all have the app available.

We tested internally and if you delete the app and install it again, it installs the new version. Can you guys try that and let me know if it works for you?

The new version is 2.13.4

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The update is now displayed in the Google Play Store (without a new install).

How does one accept a payment (on Android)? I have just sent a fellow user (also on Beta) €5, but she did not get a pushmessage from the app, no SMS, no email and also in the app she does not have the possibility to accept my payment.

You friend will only receive a notification if she has notifications enabled for Curve. She will be able to accept the payment if she is on the latest version of the Beta app (2.13.4). On Android, going to the “Send” tab you will see a banner informing you that you have pending payments. By clicking on the banner you will find the pending transactions.

Ok, she is on 2.13.4 (Beta), but does not have/see such a banner on the Send tab. Neither did she receive a notification, though notifications are enabled.


Clearing app data and the app cache did the trick. She now first saw the ‘Curve is introducing Send’-screen and after closing it (and giving new permission for the Curve app to access her contacts), she saw the banner.

That’s great but … I am on the beta but my daughter is not. Despite that I have been sending her money through Curve and she got it as Curve cash. After this change (that I wasn’t aware of) I sent her money, you took from my card, but she didn’t get it and will not get it until is accepted in the beta program or you release the feature in the main release. So … how can I solve the problem I have now? The app should confirm that the recipient is in the beta program or the money will get stuck somewhere.

"To ensure that we are protecting you while you help us test this version, here are a few important things to keep in mind.

  • You can only send money to people who are also on Beta, as the receiver will have to accept the payment
  • Older versions of the Beta app will no longer work with Curve Send"

Found a display bug:
Scenario: when you send someone money, the limit is 500£
And when you select a different currency, it converts the amount, so it says max is 569.xx.
But here is the bug: it does NOT convert the currency symbol. So no matter which currency you select for sending, it will always say £ for the max amount and not € or $ or …

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Sure, but that’s not even said in the TestFlight app when updating the beta, you need to come to the announcement in the community to see it. If there is such an important limitation like this, that wasn’t in place in the previous version of the same beta, it should be warned in the app itself.

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I received an e-mail with the info on November 6th.

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So I did, but no mention of the new limitation:

Curve 3.2.0 (2350) is ready to test on iOS.

What to Test:

On this new version you will be able to:

  • Send money to people who are not yet on Curve (they will receive it when they join, along with their £5 bonus)
  • Select the payment card you would like to receive CurveSend payments on

We also created a brand new single transaction view for your CurveSend transactions.

To test this app, open TestFlight on iPhone or iPod touch using iOS 10.0 or later and install the update.

That is interesting. In my (for Android) it says:

"…To ensure that we are protecting you while you help us test this version, here are a few important things to keep in mind.- You can only send money to people who are also on Beta, as the receiver will have to accept the payment

  • Older versions of the Beta app will no longer work with Curve Send
  • Not accepted payments will be automatically reversed to your card in 7 days
  • If you test referring someone by sending them money, your friend who joins Curve will not be able to accept the payment until we release this for everyone
  • When sending money via a referral, only send an amount that you are comfortable not having access to it for 7 days …"

Then this seems even worse, as apparently Curve Team forgot to say in the iPhone mail :sweat:

Good morning all! Just to clarify, the same email was sent to all Beta testers, it was one email only that contained both what is new to test and the limitations. I am sorry @JesusM if you missed this information. The money you sent to a non-beta tester will not leave your account until they have accepted it, and this will be automatically reversed in 7 days. If you check your statement, you will notice that the amount is reserved in your account (pending).

Thanks Lucas, I raised this one so it can be corrected.

@poeliev great to hear that everything worked out well in the end. The team is working on improving the performance of the app to avoid such issues.

Great feedback on this thread. Thank you all for the time you’ve been dedicating to this.

HI Samantha, what I copied&pasted was the actual mail I got, and you can see that there is no mention to the send feature stop working for the non-beta users.


So I tested the new beta over the weekend quite a bit and found some more abnormalities:

On android, bug is still there, that everytime I send money, it asks for a new passphrase.
Also no fingerpint for sending money is accepted
iphone vs android:
android max limit / transaction: 500 GBP (or currency equivalent)
iphone: max limit / transaction: 1000 GBP (or currency equivalent)
But on iphone you can still send more than 1k in 1 transaction, you can just click send anyways, even thou there is the warning of the limit, the app ignores the limit

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Here’s the outgoing email that was sent out to all our Beta testers. This was sent out to all testers as a whole and not segmented/split based on operative system. The email you’re referring to was sent via Testflight when the new app version was added.

You’ll receive more information from us via email than what you’ll receive via Testflight, so please make sure that you read both :smile:

Ok, I will stop the discussion here because it doesn’t make any sense. But it is really annoying than instead of assuming that the mail you sent through the platform used for the beta testing was wrong due to incomplete, you want to prove that it was my mistake. This is a great way to engage people to test things for you, let’s blame them!!

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Surely it would make sense to provide all the info via TestFlight as that is the one thing you can guarantee someone updating the beta version of the app will read, rather than expecting them to constantly check the forum or read all their emails before using new features mentioned in the app.

Maybe something for Curve to take on board for future updates 🤷 maybe to at least say “please read the email sent from Curve for important information”. Then if they don’t read it you can turn it back on them.


I tried to transfer money to myself from one card to other. Curve app let me chose me from the contact list, set the amount and select the card. And then I got an error saying something like “something went wrong, try again”.

If transferring money from one card to other under the same account is not allowed, it should be not possible to select myself from the contact list. If it is allowed … there is a bug apparently. Either case, something is wrong.