Curve Send (P2P): Any card to any card in over 25 different currencies

Same here

Hey! We had to disable Curve Send for everyone so we can release the next version. You guys should get access again shortly. Make sure you keep your app updated to the latest version. Sorry for not telling you earlier.

@Curve_Marie Is it possible to get some official response on this? Do you have to proof what the transfers are for if there are too many to the same person or?

Thanks, @samantha - for future betas it would be good if we could have clear release notes detailing this sort of thing along with bugfixes, remaining known outstanding issues, etc. This would let us as beta testers provide more valuable feedback.


Thanks @ediflyer I’ll pass on your feedback.


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What happened with Curve Transfer? Is there any way to send money between underlying card and Curve Cash card?

Hey there. No, we no longer offer that option, this was something we were trying out. A lot of the feedback we received confirmed that people would prefer to choose the card they want to receive P2P payments on. So now, when you receive a payment you can select the card to accept the money in the first instance.

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OK, but what can I do if Curve Cash balance is not enough to make purchase?

Given this is the only remaining beta bug reporting thread, just to report the latest beta has regressed in functionality again and is back to having the cards scrolled way to the side…

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Seems since i received an update today on my Huawei, i have lost the beta options on the latest Curve.
I’m sure I have due to not being able to see sned money option …

can anyone also confirm this?

you should be able to go into the play store and re-download the beta version AFAIK

Same here

I’m asking again
Is there any way to send money from underlying card to cash card?

Hey, sorry for the delay. No, at the moment there is no way to top up your Curve Cash card.

@Lucas @Dann @HuggyBear25 I am checking with the team why this is happening and how we can allow Send for you. Can you please just confirm if you are in the Beta app or the app store versions? (Please also confirm if you are on iOS or Android).

Was only away for 1 day and then reappeared again


i have verified, i am on the beta and installed.
i still cant access the or see the P2P , i suspect because i am now on EMI 10 - Android 10 it is not operational.

Is Android 10 on the Compatibility list and are there any known issues.

Verified it and i am on the Beat and is installed, confirmed via Play Store.

We have mechanisms in place to pick up transactions that are out of the ordinary :slight_smile:

The Send tab isn’t appearing for me in the iOS beta.