Curve Send is changing (for now!)

There must be an option to at least refuse the payment, I don’t want my money stuck in curve cash and use the spending limits to get them out!

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Theoretically after 7 days of not being accepted, it is refunded.

Is there any news on bringing back the feature to send the money to a real card/bank account?

I am using Curve Send to send money to my daughter in UK from Ireland/Spain in an easy/cheap way, but at this moment we are thinking on start looking for an alternative, as she needs money in the bank account to cover direct debits, for example, so having all the money in Curve Cash is not a valid option.

If that possibility is not back soon we will need to look for alternatives.

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Nope. Are automatically accepted and putted in the curve cash “portfolio”

Ah, apologies. I thought your were talking of sending money to a on-curve customer.

For the already customers you are right, it is automatically accepted into Curve Cash

Is curve ever going to support sending to any international mastercard or visa again? even if it takes days? It used to work and It was simply perfect to send money to my family’s cards without the need to make a bank transfer.

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Use PaySend - they’re great and it takes seconds

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With great overhead in the exchange rate:

their info right now in theis web site:

You send 400€ and recipient gets £343.94, plus a fee of 1.5€

Looking for the transaction in Google ( gives me a better FX, but I’ve seen that Curve is usually very similar to the conversion told by Google): 400€ is £349.95

so, PaySend 401.5€/£343.94, Expected with Curve 400€/£349.95, it’s a difference over 2%

Curve send is accepting transfers only to other curve customers or “potential” customers in EEA. Paysend seems to offer the service to any mastercard in the world. The fees are not relevant if the transfer is not possible using curve

Except for the fact that it was possible with Curve before they arbitrarily removed it for no apparent reason.

That’s what people are unhappy about. It worked perfectly well and many people were happy with it. I can’t even see any evidence of anyone complaining, but Curve stopped it anyway.


any updates? the ‘for now’ status is from January 15. The latest app update from June 28 even removed the send/receive tab which was already missing sending to non-potential curve customers. Is curve abandoning ‘curve send’ all together?

No, they’re not.

They’re working on getting it back ASAP, after the issues with Wirecard.

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