Curve Send is changing (for now!)

Am I the only one who didn’t knew you could send money to non-Curve users? :joy:

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I agree. I understand that the plan to transfer from account to account should be quicker than 2-3 days, but restricting send to curve cash only is crazy. At least give the recipient the option of how they want to receive a payment (with a disclaimer about 2-3 day time if they opt for receiving into an account) in the interim until there’s a way to make the transfer instant.

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I don’t mind the 2 - 3 day delay for Credits out to Card Accounts?

That said, when NatWest / Ulster Bank launched their (now-withdrawn) VISA Personal Payments service a few years ago, credits to most VISA card Accounts were indeed instantaneous. So it seems technically possible with Visa cards today? Hopefully it’s not too long before Curve get this fixed properly and relaunched.

I posted this on the other thread: Sending money just got got a whole lot easier: Introducing Curve Send!

I have found a problem now that Curve Send works by sending funds straight to the other users Curve Cash… if that user has reached their spending limits then they cannot actually spend their Curve Cash!

My friend has to now Curve Send the money back to me and I will use a different method to transfer to them.

Why is Curve Cash included in the spending limits?

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This is so confusing. When I tried I could only receive to a card and not curve cash. Now 10 days later it’s all apparently changed with zero notification to me.

This is an annoyance. My OH used Send to send me money, only thing she’s been able to use Curve for for about six months, as it’s at the pointless annual limit, then got questioned as to why the amount being sent via Send was disproportionate to other transactions! The one saving grace was that it wasn’t lumped in with the general limits, now it’s a gimmick. Oh well, it was good while it briefly lasted!

I can see no point to Curve Send at the moment other than as a marketing gimmick to get more people to sign up for the card. If the restriction to receive funds only into Curve Cash remains (which appears to be un-protected funds?) then what’s the point? Let me know when this restriction is lifted.


This change, like many updates to the product, is apparent nowhere in the app, and is really unprofessional (shooting yourself in the foot now that another long-promised feature is pulled after a month?).
And even then, the fact that it went against the paltry curve spending limit (remind me why I’m paying for Metal to have a 10K cap?) is a huge oversight. I’m not really sure Curve understands how to make money off card fees when they have these limits even after KYC and verification.

Also, since it’s MasterCard based, they could use the MasterCard Send API infrastructure to do the instant transfers.


I received a notification inside the app letting me know of this change :man_shrugging:
I wasn’t expecting it as previous changes were never transmitted me inside the app. Probably because I’m in the latest beta version, which could suggest they are improving this.

They probably launched Curve Send before it was completely finished because they needed more users before the end of the year?! After this I’m only expecting Curve Send to have instant transfers

I hope they go back to one of the previous iterations of it… where it went to the Curve Cash card and from there you can withdraw it to a bank etc…

Worked well when you had a few quid in the card and wanted to use it on something… you could just buy it and withdraw the cashback

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Why can’t they just give you choice? In the previous version you could use which card you would get your transfer on, Curve Cash could as well be just another option for those who don’t want to wait and spend immediately and a regular 2-3 day wait for the rest of us.