Curve Product Update March 2020

You can’t, it’s 6 months minimum

Get in touch a

You’ll be able to get a red card. Please give the team the chance to get back to you.

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If you move to a country with the same policy it could in principle work. Please do not take my word for it and check with AXA, they can give you 100% accurate info :smiley:

3DS Finally :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

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Me too trying to order a red metal card but system keeps prompting me with an error message and cannot proceed. Tried with different cards for the payment …

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It’s a small bug, wait for the resolution.

Sorry didn’t know that. Did they write somewhere about this bug ?

A user of mine had the same plan as you and wrote to support.


Thanks a lot. :slight_smile: Will wait for them to fix it :slight_smile:

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Send works if you don’t send to yourself like sending to a friend or family member completely useless for me

I just upgraded to metal, been waiting for this forever. I did, however, run into issues when choosing the monthly plan, so I gave the annual plan a go and it went through, I guess I’m locked in now, kinda excited tho.

Thought I’d let you know, in case you’re willing to try the annual plan, for those with the error message, as well as this might help Curve pinpoint the issue.

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Same for me. It worked for a full year :slight_smile:

Currently only the UK BIN is enabled for Google Pay.
You can check this by visiting this the Helpdesk from Google.

Thank you for letting us know, I’ve flagged it with the team! (Cc: @Bionicecho)

I don’t really understand why it is so long to add Samsung pay support, as you already added it in UK 4 months ago and the procedure is really simple

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before releasing new features, please fix the current bugs!

I still can’t order a red metal card.


Any update about the fix?