Curve Product Update March 2020

New app update today and upgrade to Metal still doesn’t work (“Couldn’t update user details” error after confirming delivery address)… :roll_eyes: Will this ever get fixed? :triumph:

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I still can’t upgrade to Metal. Still get the ‘Couldn’t update user details’ error. This is now almost 3 weeks since it launched in EU. Seems like Curve don’t like making money given this still hasn’t been fixed

Not for me either. I was on the Beta App and then downgraded to the normal app, and still no update. Same error about updating user details when I confirm my address. You guys have to have some sort of ETA for a bug that’s affecting revenue?

For me it worked now to purchase the red metal subscription :smiley: :partying_face:

Now I hope I get a metal investor card instead of a red plastic card.

I also received about my new Investor card on the way, but it said to wait before activating. Did you receive that email too?

If you mean me, nope I’m not in this card batch.

I mean , I didn’t received the card yet, tis on the way, but still not working for me to upgrade, I will wait

Today’s update did not fix it either. :frowning:

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Just received new information from Curve support (thank you for that :ok_hand::slightly_smiling_face:) - if you’re an investor, I’d recommend holding off on upgrading to Curve Metal until Black Metal Investor Cards are being issued, so that you’d receive a Black Metal Investor Card instead of the Standard Curve Metal Cards. So patience, patience my friends. :wink::credit_card::+1:


Thanks for the updates, that’s what I was thinking

fresh new response from curve support :smiley:

Today’s update worked, I finally was able to upgrade to metal, Yippie

Monthly or yearly?

I chose monthly

oh ok monthly was already working

3DS push seems to be pretty flakey.

More often than not it just shows the countdown timer with no push notification.

the new updated from today made it! I was able to get the annual sub! :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

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Great news @didier :+1: and thank you for the update! Though, I am waiting with my upgrade until black metal investor cards are being dispatched so I can get mine black instead of “standard” blue/pink/red metal card, as Curve support advised me and as I am writing few posts before. :sleeping:

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Cool, I received mine today

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Yay for Metal in EU :slight_smile: