Curve Product Update June 2019

Curve Product Update June 2019

This is a short recap on what we are working on, what we have planned, and challenges we might have encountered. We’ll post the update every second Tuesday of the month!

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Current projects:

  • Rewards Programme
  • Peer to Peer Payment
  • Onboarding process
  • App redesign
  • Open Beta

Rewards Programme: We've launched Curve Cash!
The Beta is out! We encountered an issue with migration which delayed the process. The emails and blogpost are being finalised while we work out the bugs that have been flagged. THANK YOU to everyone who helped us :heart:

Peer to Peer Payment
We are currently on Phase 1.

  • Phase 1: Be able to send from Curve account to Curve account.
  • Phase 2: Request from Curve account to Curve account.

When Phase 2 is completed it we will do a Beta before the full launch.

Not much news to share right now. The use case for the virtual card is for onboarding. Although all customers will be able to use it, we will explore other use cases later on in separate projects.

At this point, we are working on a demo that potential customers can try out before signing up to Curve. We are also creating virtual cards so you’ll have your Curve card on your app before it arrives in the post. The signup will also be changed from using your email to sign up and using your phone number instead.

App Redesign
1:1 Customer Feedback: New Curve App Design is happening today!

Open Beta
This project will pick up pace once the new rewards programme is rolled out.

This in its infant stage where we are mapping out the process. We’ll send out a direct invite to everyone who was on the original beta programme and the closed Curve Amex Beta Programme, in addition to sharing the signup form here on the community.


Great! So what’s new about the rewards programme? I can’t find info anywhere!

You’ll find the information when it’s launched :slight_smile:

But… you are in beta, why wait?

Beta does not mean public launch and there’s the Press Embargo in place.

Yet you posted this as app description on the Play Store: “Try the new Curve Cash! Select your merchants and enjoy 1% cash back for life if you are on Curve Black or Curve Metal” :joy:

The embargo was until 8 am today, so it’s public information now :wink:

Some details here:

Still unanswered questions:

  • Is Curve Cash available those on Legacy Black and including those on the old 3% Rewards program?
  • Can you change your selected retailers from time to time? If so, how often?
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Didn’t make much sense, especially considering they unveiled today. They should have said to wait until today or something.

Just my 2 cents as usual though.

I’ll answer my own questions:

No, it’s not.

Not currently, but that might be implemented in the future.

We are crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s for our blogpost and emails. It will be published by the end of the business day :slight_smile:

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We've launched Curve Cash!


What actually peer to peer payments to clarify

Feel free to sling a beta invite my way :wink: might actually convince me to pick up Curve again