Curve Product Update July 2019

I am afraid something went wrong with making it available again:

Try again, please and thank you :smiley:

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Please please have a universal app for ios having an iphone only app is surely outdated. Nowtv and virtually every app I use is universal.

Iphone app is poor. Not everyone uses a smartphone. Many thanks

Thanks for the info @Curve_Marie. I would be happy to take part in a customer interview if needed. Any news on Apple Pay? Sorry if I’ve missed this somewhere…

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Hopefully Curve manages this by Q4 this year :frowning: if it doesn’t 10/10 going to cry

Then again, it does give me a better excuse to get Curve Metal - I wish they’d let me opt-out of the insurance though

Curve Metal is awesome!

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IMHO Apple Pay will be available in Curve only for cards, which are directly supported by Apple Pay.

If you like to discuss on that, this is your thread:

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I agree it’s not bad I just wish they’d kill the insurance gubbins and give me cashback everywhere instead ;(

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Why can’t you just not use the insurance?

Do you believe all other features of Curve Metal (excluding the insurance) are worth £15 a month?

Insurers have ‘double claiming’ policies

If I am eligible to claim from Curve’s insurance then they would only be liable to pay half.

I would also have to claim on both policies and as such would be liable for two sets of excess

I personally don’t - I want 1% cashback everywhere and no insurance or lounge access (although feel free to keep the latter I guess) :frowning:


Agree. 1% everywhere.


Yeah, it would be nice considering the tracking aspect of Curve not being spot-on with some merchants like Uber/Amazon that decide to make their names that they charge under weird.

On top of that - who spends £15000 on these merchants a year? Not many - I’d guess. I’d much rather Curve just focus on the core linked aspect and let underlying cards do the rest, focusing on the premium kind of things like cashback, rewards schemes and maybe lounge access/extended warranty etc like the AmEx cards do.

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Yep; the metal card is so cool!

That’s fair enough…that’s why I posed the question rather than just make a statement.

I love the metal card but if the insurance was of no value to me I certainly wouldn’t pay £15 a month for just the metal card and all other features (a lot of which are available on curve blue). Whilst it is clear a lot would feel the same, you show that some are willing to pay £15 without the insurance.

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I prefer the account to be linked to my google account
To use google sigin

If someone sees that at Curve please do not ever do that.
Google is a different word for cancer.
Letting them latch onto an extra source to track you, that’s no bueno.

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