Curve Product Update February 2020

Some merchants won’t let you use your Curve Card without 3DS, that’s the real problem

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To be fair, merchants don’t have much of a choice, they have to obey European Legislation and it’s also probably easier for them to require 3DS of everyone than to discriminate based on which country has received a delay for the implementation of PSD2.

I guess, secret project has to do with metal cards for eu customers.

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I would like to be positive on here, but let’s take a look at the news provided in this monthly update:

  • Refunds: I thought Curve was already giving refunds.
  • 3DS: What does it mean? The Nintendo console?
  • Secret project: selling some smoke in here.

Would be nice if you are informing us about the updates, to give some information about these updates.

for 3ds:


Great news for refunds, its still my main issue with Curve the speed at which they take to hit my payment card

I hope that the secret project is google/samsung pay outside uk, but i don’t think so.
I think that google and samsung pay outside uk are more important that the metal card outside uk.


I really hope it is too because most of my bank accounts are in banks that don’t support google/samsung pay.

I personally don’t care about the benefits of metal but what bugs me is the preferential treatment but especially the lack of communication from curve as to why things have been done this way.

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Może, ale nie nastawiaj się że może to być związane z GooglePay albo GarminPay :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Pleased to see a steady stream of progress.

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Out of the 3 things mentioned only refunds had some kind of enhancement during February… Would say not really what was hoping for at the end…

It’s what we are currently working on, not a monthly product launch list :sweat_smile:


Secret project I wish to be: Google Pay outside UK


Don’t we all? I’d prefer samsung pay but Google pay would be great also.

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