Curve Product Update February 2020

Now I’m curious! You can’t throw the stone and hide the hand. :joy::heart:

Finally :star_struck:


I don’t know what the project is but that sentence makes me really happy, I was starting to wonder if Curve had forgotten that it has customers outside of the UK.


Thank you so much for the update. Keep up the good work!

Thanks for the update Marie. These are large pain points at the moment, so it’s great to hear they’re being addressed :slight_smile:

where is info about changes in curve send?

every fresh registered user from today dont have curve cash card so they cant accept curve send payments. you cant create payment link to nonregistered user because he wont get that money after registration

I guess this isn’t communicated, because this looks like a bug, especially since you also report that the Curve Cash(back) retailers can not be selected. That are (even for Curve :wink:) too many changes at once not to be communicating about.

I’m curious what is meant by the term secret project. Is it available in Poland :smiley:? i will test it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It might have something to do about this

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Don’t shoot me, but someone explain what 3DS is please?

Also, the secret project? Hopefully this is adding a Black Metal Card…

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I don’t think that’s it, curve expansion in the US is not a secret and hasn’t been for a long time.

Maybe or maybe not? Still I guess there is only one way to find out.

Great news; Refunds solution, 3DS and Google Pay in the entire Europe is a priority.


Let’s not forget that their big secret project in December was Curve Send and everybody on the community was already familiar with it long before XD
And now they delayed Curve Send, soooo yes, it has not been a good moment for Curve

I would not get too hyped about their secret project :sweat_smile:


I use the card more often than the other cards I own exactly because it does not have 3DS. For example it is a real pain when you have to pay smth and you have to wait for the SMS to be delivered to you…

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Some merchants won’t let you use your Curve Card without 3DS, that’s the real problem

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To be fair, merchants don’t have much of a choice, they have to obey European Legislation and it’s also probably easier for them to require 3DS of everyone than to discriminate based on which country has received a delay for the implementation of PSD2.

I guess, secret project has to do with metal cards for eu customers.

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I would like to be positive on here, but let’s take a look at the news provided in this monthly update:

  • Refunds: I thought Curve was already giving refunds.
  • 3DS: What does it mean? The Nintendo console?
  • Secret project: selling some smoke in here.

Would be nice if you are informing us about the updates, to give some information about these updates.

for 3ds: